Broke My New Bong In Less Than 12 Hrs

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by Macntrees420, Mar 27, 2016.

  1. Yeah so I bought this roor bong, cost 32$ and it was brolic, cause everywhere else I see it for is almost 60-70$ smh

    In just glad I didn't spend that 60 or so.. any one gotta similar situation?
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  2. Good thing that wasn't a roor. Cheapest real roor i have ever seen was still around $200

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  3. Bought a bubber and set it on the table. I went to pick up my weed and accidentally knocked over the bubbler down to the floor. Then, the mini bubbler i was given as a "im sorry you broke your piece" present slipped outta my hands within 2 days of using it.
    Twas not a good week lol
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  4. same happened to my first bong just used it for 4 days it was sad. but it made me be more careful for my future bongs. after that i just only broke 2 bongs lol
  5. lol. I have learned to just smoke from a bong and set it behind something. lol I have broken countless 1 off pieces either elbowing them, toeing them, or what I consider one of my worst mistakes. lol I bought a 18" orange and black color infused water pipe that spiraled up, super thick old school piece it was the first piece I ever bought of that magnitude, lol. Anyways took 2 bowls put it in my ceramic sink that was ice cold and poured in boiling water....yup exploded into 3 pieces lol
  6. clumsy moments suck
    stay up G :wave:
  7. If it was a real Roor, it would not have broken so easily... well now you've learned your lesson

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