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broke my month TBREAK

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by NoVisine, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. im a heavy smoker, multiple times a day every day, and i had to quit for a month due to some court bs and whatnot. so i go last night they ask if i can pass a DT and imlike yea so they finish up and gimme community service. so i go home and the first thing i wanna do is get high. so i tae my pipe and put in in a bag wit alcohol to get some resincuz i didnt have actuall bud. so i get some resin and put a shit load of keef ontop of it and smoke that. once i hit it i knew something was wrong. i forgot to wash the bowl after i had put the alochol thru it. the taste was horrible and needless to say i was fuked up worst then ive ever been.

    so do u guys think hitting a bowl soaked in alchol can fuk u up or is it bad for u ncuz last night i was retarted and the whole world seemed mad fake to me shits fukin weird yo
  2. If it really still had alcohol in it, I suspect you'd have first degree burns on your hand, face and lips.
  3. Yup. WHY wouldn't you wait for some herbs that's rediculous!

  4. cause hes a POTHEAD......
  5. 1. if youve gone an entire month, why not just wait one more day for some real fucking weed?

    2. why use alchol if you want the resin right way??? just scrape!

    3. how the hell do you forget to wash the pipe out after youve soaked it in alcohol :confused:
  6. why wait for bud when i have a shitload of keif to smoke?
    i only wanted a little resin to plug up the hole so the jeif wouldnt fall thru
    my pipe was fairly clean and i was having trouble getting anything just scaping thats why i decided to use the alcohol
    after i dipped it in alcohol i dried it off fairly well with paper towels so no i dnt have burrns

    do you think the alcohol could really effect the high in anyway. because i was seriously fuked up
  7. yea im sure it did have a little effect on you

    but im sure you just got
    after a month break haha

  8. double negative? triple negative?

    or did you just smoke the resin with alcahol.....


  9. If you wash __ with alcohol is rapes the resin off the pipe and you can pour it on to a plate, light it on fire and scrape it. Works extremely awesome.

    And you're fine, aslong as you didn't drink it. Inhaling a little bit of it won't do harm:cool:

  10. wait..what?

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