Broke my glass nail last night

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  1. I would imagine this isn't something rare to happen. I've been thinking about buying a titanium nail for some time now, but they're around $80 versus the $6 I paid for the glass one. I've been getting oil for the last few weeks but I'm not sure if the connection is solid. Are there any other pros to a titanium nail besides that it will eventually pay for itself if you break enough glass ones? I also do not use this as my main method of smoking. Any thoughts? ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1392065934.191478.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1392065947.959743.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1392065963.111020.jpg

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  2. Go titanium. You can get a highly educated domeless for $75 or a standard highly educated nail anywhere from $45-70

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  3. Ti tastes better than glass, but not as good as quartz imo. I have a HE nail but I usually use my quartz castle dnail or HE Ti email. The quartz castle dnail gives the best taste in my opinion and they make then to be heated with a torch as well. I would either go with a quartz castle or HE domeless
  4. Thanks for the input. I went and checked out nails today and at the local shop everything's 90+ so I just grabbed a $6 glass one. If it's that much better I may have to make a trek to Minneapolis where everything is more reasonably priced.

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  5. Order online and save yourself the money and drive

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  6. aslo id suggest grabbing a better rig man, the overall exerience of the hit, flavor, consistency will be better.
    I agree. Sometimes you can really get stuff for a lot cheaper online than at lhs.
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    a plain ti nail at 80 is a bit high.  For 80 my lhs sells the KO domeless nails and the HE infiniti's are like 150.  Whether you're getting a better price online or lhs really depends on lhs.  Store to store can have widely varying prices, usually I try to check out something that is common like a volcano and compare the price from one store to the next.  The lhs I go to has them for around what they go for online (5-something), I went to another lhs and saw the same one for 700+.
    The worst was when I was just driving around trying to check out as many lhs in my area as I could.  I went to one shop and saw a sheldon black bubbler, the guy said it was retailed at 600 (LOL) for a one chamber, simple poked diffy ds, no work...WTF?  I said no, and he dropped it to 450...I said no again and left.  I went to my usual lhs (with the 500 dolalr volcano), they had the same bubbler...I bought it for 225, no tax, free lighter and a pack of free blunt wraps...that first shop can go pound sand.
    This was after the guy was insisting that his roors were german....they weren't, I can tell by the sig along.  Germans don't make bad sigs, and they don't run them all they way against the joint where they look sloppy.  How many people this guy has ripped off with 600 dollar syns and zobs, who knows.
  9. The rig works fine IMO. I have friends who have better ones which is great, but I'd rather not shell out a bunch of money. I bought the whole set up including the bong for $120

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  10. Get a carb cap too. Traps all the smoke so it doesn't go into the air

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  11. missing the elephant in the room named "quartz" or aka, "your solution"
    obviously not unbreakable like Ti, but infinitely better than glass.
  12. Yeah I'm still relatively new to rigs so I didn't know about the quartz nails. I used to heat my oil up on a butter knife and spread it on a paper like butter.

    If you take a decent pull you don't really lose any smoke.

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  13. If u wanna stay cheap and get a good one get a quarts nail. There $6 on eBay or a pack of 3 for like $15. I wud get the pack. Those glass nails are shit I have a few that haven't even been used once just got em for free. Not only the material is shit for dabbing but the shape isn't cupped so a lot just slides off. Get a cupped quartz if u wanna go cheap
  14. im in canada, and im a manager of a "smokers corner" we sell 3pc adjustable titanium nails for $35, and domeless for $65-$70, if ur from the states/canada you can order from our website "". and titanium is way better. holds the heat longer/bigger bowl area, and tastes better/and adjustable hight!
  15. Don't buy ti from a head shop. They prolly get those $12 fake to ones and sell em for 60+
  16. He doesn't need one unless he's going domeless. Just carb it with the dome
  17. My glass nail actually was cupped. I have a friend with one that isn't and it's garbage.

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  18. yea....barely when i say cupped i mean like this
    with that no bho can escape on the one u broke. a nice sized dab and its to big so its rolling off nd u get half a hit with a shitload of reclaim
  19. Why would you assume that?  My lhs has KO domeless and HE Ti nails, I trust all their nails that they say are grade 2 are in fact grade 2.  A lot of headshops are dodgy but there are plenty of really good ones out there.
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    Correct me if I'm wrong but, I believe a way to tell if a Ti nail is a Ti, is if the screw turns a cobalt blue...? At least that's what I've heard online. So the head of the Ti won't be cobalt in colour after a while due to it's exposure to oils etc. But the screw that the head is attached to should turn that cobalt blue from indirect/ convection of your heat source.

    Also, to the OP, they make ceramic nails now as well. And from what I've heard they work quite well. Not certain of the price range on those.

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