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Broke my friends bong

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HeBrEwBeAr, May 3, 2011.

  1. well i was going to fill my friends bong he let me borow for my b-day last friday and i put it in the kitchen sink the deep ass ones. well theres like a grate at the bottom and i set the bong down and bam it falls i look over and just wastch in slo mo while it falls and the tube hits the side of the sink and breaks the tube off at the downstem :(:(

    Im not really angry just sorry and worried about how he will react but to repay him imma buy the bong (he was looking for a buyer) and i just bought him half o of some dank
  2. Sounds good to me. He gets the money for his bong and a half o of dank? Shit come over to my place and break some of my pieces lol
  3. That sucks pretty fucking bad.... Either way, you're doing your friend right so feel good about that.
  4. ya that half o is just cuz we go way back and hes like a brother so i gurantee atleast half that shit will be smoked at my place lol and i just felt so bad. im kinda crazy when it comes to appologies i just go way overboard but it makes me feel better
  5. sick fucking deal, id pick up a new bong and smoke you out for the new shit. i mean breaking my bong would get me a little mad, but the second after you say, buttt im gonna buy it AND whip the bag of bud out and be like, i got this too....

    id be more than happy.
  6. That's cool man, I'm the same way. Especially with other people's property, I was always told that you treat others belongings with more respect than your own.
  7. Respect. You willingly paid for the bong you broke, and bought him a half O. If that's not a great friend I don't know what it.
  8. +1 on that one
  9. Sounds like you're doin' your friend right, by gettin' everything squared away like that. :smoke:

    Accidents happen. :)
  10. Yeah if he was planning on selling it anyways he'll probably be happy with that.
  11. no need to have a bad conscience..your a good friend!

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