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Broke my first glass pipe today...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Spooner, Jan 31, 2005.

  1. I went to move my pipe from my dresser to my bed and it just fell. I can't explain it. It just dropped. Shattered into 6 different pieces, all of which have been recovered. I went and bought a new one (pics below) to replace it, but I stil plan on using Silicone for my old one just for nostalsia. I will forever have my first pipe, I just didn't expect to lose it today. Oh well, I like this new one ten times more. Plus, I got a steal on it. My local headshop only charged me like 20 bucks for this.


  2. That's a damn good price. Sorry to hear about the loss of your first, but I am in love with your new piece. Enjoy!
  3. a damn good buy for 20 bucks, great piece
  4. Loosing a piece is always tragic.

    new one looks pretty nice though.
  5. The tag on it was 40 and he was like "I wonder why this is marked so low for..." I told him the story of how I lost my last pipe and I was just in desperation he sold it to me for 20. So I think I did good. Lol.
  6. This thing is starting to fill in around the bowl, I will post pics soon!
  7. My first piece was not broken but rather thrown away. My prohibitionist roommate was like I'm gonna help you quit(I was Stoned by the way so I had no idea what was going on). He took my pipe and threw it in the big trashcan at the end of our Apartment and then took my weed and flushed it(a good almost eigth of Dank....I was pissed). Once the toilet flushed I knew what was going on and i bolted to the bathroom just in time to see the goodness dissapear into the great beyond. Needless to say my roommate was no longer my roommate and had a harder time eating solid foods.
  8. I think we all have a tear in our eye for a lost piece but you got to move on and make new memories with your new peice i would name it tails cause it liiks like a few tails swirled on it
  9. i had a great little pipe for my first when i was 16 (1998). i wasnt old enough to go into a smokeshop so i gave a friend 10 bucks and i told him that i trusted he'd pick out something i'll like. so he comes out with my pipe and i totaly loved it. had a really cool fimo style grip with a neat looking mushroom on it. my parents made me quit smoking so after a lot of pressure i really thought i would never smoke again so i ended up tossing my baby into the woods, never to be seen again. i so totally regret it to this day and i know almost exactly where it is and maybe some day i'll have the balls to go look for it, im sure it's still there. problem is the area i threw it into is a marshy swamplike place right beyond the fence of my old backyard...

  10. I like your new pipe, its all trippy and shit :D
  11. sucks about your first piece breaking... looks like you got a good replacement though. definately worth more than what you payed for it :)
  12. It makes me want to shed a tear. You should smoke a bowl in memory old your old pipe.

    My very first pipe was stolen and sold off by a bad stoner who took advantage of me... he's somewhere out there.... all by himself....

  13. That sucks... Same thing with me. My first glass piece was stolen and sold :(
  14. home fabrication is the best.

    just get a drill, some tubing, a bowl, a gluegun and some duct tape and mess around.

    You can make some wicked stuff using old tupperware.
  15. STEER CLEAR of galvanized steal/aluminum piping.

    Anything Galvanized is out of the question. Stick with copper. It's a sure bet.
  16. smoking anything good out of anything but glass is like going to super 8 on your wedding night.
  17. ....but she told me she had fun!
  18. I smoked one last bowl out of my old pipe. I siliconed it up and smoked one last one in it's memory. I will have pics of my new pipe up sometime today.
  19. i feel your pain buddy. My first glass piece shattered a couple years ago. It was a sad time. You got a real nice replacement though. And at a damn good price. I payed $25 for the inside-out bat I have now.
  20. Here it is, fresh after smoking a little pinch of a bowl.




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