Broke my downstem

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  1. well today I was doing my daily ritual of cleaning my bong before I begin the afternoon tokes.. well I was done cleaning my bong and got all the res an all that stuff out of my percs. then I tried to clean the downstem so I used this towel and in the middle of wiping it off it slipped out and broke in 3 pieces. I was pissed! just about to take the second bong toke of the day!! :mad: ... then I taped it with some electrical tape and it hits just as good as it did before ... although next time I'm around a headshop I'm definitely going to pick up a new one.. I'm still pissed my downstem is broken.
    it does still milk up like it used too, it's not the same though :( ha just going to pick up another one.

    Not sure if this should be in Real Life stories or Toking tools.. I suppose my Toking tool did break :smoke:

    Cleaning my downstem in the sink, slipped out my hand and broke into the sink. pissed and nothing else better to do and taped it and it works just like it used too.

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