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broke my downstem

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by uadstor, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. well actually my brother broke it but either way i need a new one

    i dont know how long it was or anything so like how do i measure it to find out what size to replace it with? i dont wanna have to go to the shop more than once for something thats probably $3 lol
  2. Did you slap your brother? Take the $3 out of his wallet. :)
  3. Is it GonG or rubber grommet? If it's GonG it'll cost way more than 3$. If it's not, just measure the length of the old stem if you can. If not, take a pencil, insert it in the downtube and measure what length you need. If you don't already have a diffused stem, get one. Don't waste your money on anything else.
  4. Yeah, if it's a gong it'll cost wayyyy more than 3$.

    I broke my lux downstem, and to replace it with another gong downstem that was diffused it cost 40$.

    If you have a cheapie, it'll be cheap, But again, if you have a cheapie, when it breaks its usually a sign that it's time to upgrade:)
  5. well im not sure on all these terms you guys use for bongs but im guessing its a grommet cuz the shark bong on rec. smokers was called a grommet and the bowl and stuff is the same way

    and i would upgrade but im about to move and ill have to find a job too so i cant really afford to upgrade just yet lol
  6. Man that sucks. My female piece broke a few months ago and it was a bitch fixing it. It was just a local-blown bong...shaped like a lot of Illedelphs with the 'V' curves in it. It was glass on glass I definately wanted to fix it instead of pay $120+ for a new one.

    You're right about the $3 part though. Make sure you get the width right.... it seems to be universal, but it's not. I went to the headshop and got a downstem that looked like it would fit fine.... sike. I would've had to either find a thick ass 0-ring, or get another piece. Well, I went back to the headshop and bought another one.... each one was only $5...but the hassle was annoying.

    Length isn't anywhere near as important as width, IMO. You can always push more in or pull more out.... but if the female piece is too thick/thin, repairs can be a pain in the ass.
  7. I have a Toker II that I bought in 1974. Got the original base, but have gone thru numerous stems. The glass stems snap in 2 when reaming...especially when they're hot. I finally bought an aluminum stem & screwed a party-bowl to it...with a screen in the bowl. Works WAY better now. This base used to be completely see-thru clear glass. You can see what's happened to it in the past 34 years!! :bongin: :hippie:

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