Broke my dick.

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    Holy fuck! I just did the most painful thing ever.
    I got a new phone yesterday, some chinese piece of shit, it's soo heavy but the battery lasts for like 5 days straight, anyway.
    Well I was sitting on the toilet taking a shit and I some how dropped my phone on my dick, then it fell into the toilet. I have never felt such a pain in my dick before, it was right on the tip as well :cry: :cry: :cry:
    Hope you guys get a laugh
    Peace :smoking:

  2. I was worried for a second. You hurt your dick, you didn't break it. 
  3. No shit, you can't break a muscle....but still.
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    That's what I thought, hence my concern. Thought you like sprained your dick or tore the muscle tissue or something I hear if that happens you're dick will be crooked for the rest of forever. 
  5. Don't know if you read my story about getting my ball sack split open but yeah I swear I need to wear a fucking protective cup everywhere aha
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    My 400lb 7th grade sex edd teacher told the class about a friend she had that rolled over in bed in broke his dick lol
    You must treat your genitals with more tenderness and care, they are important. Don't just drop phones, and have your nutsack ripped open. The dick and balls are like more important than your heart even. 
  8. I broke my dick when i was really young.
    it was fkd for a good couple weeks. like 90 degree half way when hard fkd.
    but it's not crooked. it has a very slight curve which works out well for hittin her in the right spots :3
  9. I broke my dick a while back. I made a thread too, I had to go to the ER.Omega369 :wave:
  10. Reminds me of "The New Guy" movie.
  11. If it's hard can't you snap it?
  12. I once broke my dick as we'll I was smashin this girl and I was gunning it like a bunny and then sheDecided she couldn't take the dick n tried jumping off n I jammed my dick off her bony ass pussy 👿 that fuckin bitch 🍁 😙💨🍃🍂
  13. From the story it sounded like you dropped your phone on your dick and your dick fell in the toilet.
  14. Any more injuries to your dick and social services will come and take it away for safe keeping  :confused_2:
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    You can absolutely fracture your penis. It's not the same as breaking a bone obviously, but you can rupture your tunica albuginea, which is exactly the part of your penis you need to maintain wood.
    I don't want to post a link, because weener pics will come up. But if you want to understand just go to wiki, or google, "penile fracture."
  16. Once iin 6th grade I came home super excited after school and spread eagle'd on my bed forgetting I had a boner broke the shit out my dick
    Holy shit man....If you treat your boys that way I'm gonna guess your bongs are all either wood, plastic or broke in a million pieces. Be easy with your gear man! :laughing:
  18. One time i woke up, and was taking a shower. When i went to scrub my balls i noticed one was missing 😱 i then noticed a little lump in my lower abdomen. Curiously, i pushed it down to see what it was, then i felt the greatest thing.. MY SECOND NUT CAME BACK! It was a weird morning..From Compton to Baltimore, tokin more and more
  19. please post the link hahaha I gotta read this shit
  20. You dont know dick pain until youve gotten a paintball shot at the tip of your dick, i havent before but i witnessed a dude get it in firing squad for fun, jesus fuck he cried like bawled his eyes out for 10 minutes straight before becoming rational again. 

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