Broke my collar bone and now have weird sensation when I get really high?

Discussion in 'General' started by bummedout420, Mar 18, 2016.

  1. Hi i am new to this community and came here in search of answers for a problem i am having. Thank you for accepting me into the community and here is my question:

    So a few weeks ago I was skateboarding and fell and snapped my collar bone. I have had it in a sling for about 3 weeks now and whenever I smoke and reach a certain high (really, really high) my chest, more specifically the area above my heart, begins to tighten and all of a sudden I feel a release in my chest as if some fluid is being drained from my chest onto my other organs below it (I even check under my shirt to see if I'm bleeding because it feels so wet)... anyways my heart is beating incredibly fast and when I put my hand on my heart I get a flushed feeling almost like cold sweats and all of a sudden my entire body feels euphoric and amazing but it's so weird and unusual that I don't feel comfortable enough to enjoy it because I just don't understand how this is possible. I've been so much higher than these past few instances and have never had this feeling before but now since I broke my collar bone it has happened twice.

    Somethings to note:

    The weed is not super dank. Probably about 10% THC

    I don't believe it could be laced because I've been smoking this same strain for over 3 months now and know several other people that smoke it and have not had this problem

    Could it be internal gas? My body doesn't agree with a lot of general Americans foods and so when I consume then I tend to belch a bit. My friend told me that's what he thinks it is but I'm not so sure because the draining sensation only happens when I am super high (also I don't really eat near the times these have happened, I usually get stoned and eat after)

    The clavicle that is broken is my left one (above heart)

    Thank you guys for your answers, it kind of concerns me and I don't exactly know how to ask my doctor about it....
  2. Talk to a doctor. Tell her/him that you smoke weed. Im only 19 and I told mine, she doesnt care.

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