Broke My Chillum :(

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    That chillum was seriously my favorite piece, I bought that right before college started, it lasted me a whole year. Today I was smoking on my patio and had finished my bowl, was about to put it in my pocket and then it dropped and shattered. It's the first piece I've ever broken. I'd dropped it so many times, but never on concrete. I guess it only takes one time though.

    Oh well, I ended up going to Emporium in the Loop and got a pretty sweet replacement.



    Sorry about the shitty quality, I couldn't find my digital camera so I had to use my cell phone.
  2. No pics?
  3. My camera's deciding not to cooperate, I'll try to get pics up tomorrow.
  4. time to go spend another $25 on a chillum.
  5. *Bump for pics of new chillum.
  6. i hate breaking pieces : (
    like, a lot.
    and im pms-ing right now AND dry so i might cry just thinking about breaking any of my "little glass children" as someone on here phrased it, ill get back to crediting them when i go find it. haha. but yeah. sadday.

    a little chillum that was like a snowglobe (filled with liquid and when you shook it it made all awirly shitt and stuff like that) we just broke the other day : (
    so saddd.
    so now, any time im smoking on a hard surface i bring out a towel to fold in half and sit on cause ive lost two pieces to the perils of tile flooring.

    anyways, +rep. its sympathy rep. i hate breaking pieces, and that chillum looks chill.

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