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broke my bong

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tokey McBong, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. So i was walking through my room with my custom blown 3 foot zong and tripped over something and dropped it on my free weights well by some act of god:hello: only the downstem broke and yeah... stoner miracle :D
  2. that bites man! You got very lucky though haha.
  3. God loves you.
  4. Nice! Few days ago I stood up to get out of my friends car, forgot my steamroller was on my lap. And it flopped. Fortunately, it's insanely thick glass and only chipped off a knob on the bottom for grip :D
  5. If that were me, itd be in a million pieces. I have terrible luck with glass. Is it able to be easily fixed?
  6. I know right i literally sat there inspecting my baby while all the water poured onto my carpet i didnt even care i was just in shock
  7. dang bro that know you can't be having the bong out by the free weights bro..thats askin for trouble
  8. thats the thing is they werent in the ususal place and yeah it was an avoidable situation but the circumstances and universes and whatever aligned just right to fuck with me
  9. omg bruh.

    u one lucky mfucka!

    keep doin wut chu been doin to be saved like this.

  10. must have been the fact that i voluntarily spent 5 hours cleaning the inside of a church bus after their annual summer camp.... it was the most gnarly thing ive ever seen done to a vehicle and i did it alone and as an extra favor to the pastor washed his car because someone egged it. man i cant wait to rub that in a cops face :p
  11. Toked this morning before showering, set my pipe down on my boxers (on the counter). After I got out of the shower, being high, I grabbed my boxers not thinking.... and..... my pipe is in a million little pieces D:
    Good thing it was only my little (I mean little lol) piece, but it was still a decent pipe and will be missed :(
  12. well i got my replacement downstem (this ones got a bigger hole after the diffuser) so Its not to big of a deal
  13. I have a small glass piece that's good for about four hits and my smoke room has concrete floors and I have dropped it numerous time and not even a scratch I thinks it cuz the bowl makes it top heavy and the bowl is very thick and has five little knobs on it

  14. cool story bro
  15. whats that even suposed to meen???

    are you saying hes lying or are you legitimently thinking that was a good story

  16. It's a generic answer some people think is cool to tell the OP that he didn't like his story or that the thread has no point but to tell a story with no possibility of evolution in answers

    This thread is fine tho, this guy's just a douche

  17. No I was just kinda being a dick because he bumped a thread that is months old for a one sentence post and it wasn't even that good. And does your computer not have spell check or do you just think the little red lines under words are pretty?
  18. lol it was the op who said it that's wat gets me... dont be a douche op, something good happened to you
  19. its fucking dark as shit in my room and i can barely read the letters man... and again... stop being a douche

  20. Hey I admitted to being a dick but the point I was making to the guy was that it was kind of a dead thread. But then you had to give your two cents and I'm just in a bad mood so you irritated me. Plus you still have horrible grammar

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