Broke my bong.

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  1. Today me and my friends got together for a 5 head on my bong just like any other day really. The bong isnt high end or anything but it got us ripped for its price and it did us well. It was a black leaf 4mm glass, bubble bottom, ice catcher. And what happened was so unexpected. But before that we also had an ashcatcher that we got down the shore that we smoked with for a good amount but my friend one day tried to pull the bowl out and it stuck and pulled the whole ashcatcher out and it dropped to the ground and smashed.

    We were upset about that but today even worse happened. We all met got our satchel and preceded to grind it up and once the grinding was done my friend puts in his lap and then high fives my friend for some reason and the grinder flys out of his lap and hits the ground then bounces once and nails the bong right in the bubble :D and smashes it into 2 pieces. After a period of some grieving we went and got a blunt and rolled it up then smoked it and now im here.

    Anyways the whole point of this is we decided it was for the better because now were gonna upgrade and get something better. So i was wondering if anyone knew were i could find some perc'd roors online. Or any other semi high end glass. Our price range is around 400-600. All we want is a nice thick glass and perc + brand name.

    And yeah im baked sorry for the long read if anyone stuck it out:smoking:
  2. Wow thats so random, post a pic of the damage, im sure we all wanna see. Also, roor doesnt make bongs with percs anymore. Look at some toro pieces or US tubes for something solid. Where are you located? Does it have to be online bought?

    Anyway sorry bout the broken bong, but with that price range you're gonna get something totally aewsome.
  3. damn alright then. Im located in NJ. It doesnt have to be bought online but i prefer it unless i could find a nice shop with brand names. And ill try and get some pics up.
  4. Head up into nyc and hit up ny gifts
  5. Heres the pics. As you can see the bubble got demolished.

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  7. Exactly how it felt when it happened. We all silenced and thought to ourselves what just happened. It was unreal we been smoking out of it the last like month non stop and just loving how good it was to have a bong. And the feeling it just killed we were just about to pack a bowl and it happened so upsetting.
  8. I would get a toro for that price range. They are very high quality. Go for one 13 tree percs or maybe a disc diffused perc.

  9. Toro all the way if yall can afford it! Or get a nice illi, kinda-creations, roor, etc and use the left over cash on its de viginizing!
  10. Have you seen the bong wars thread? If the bong is always going to be in use between 5 people you may want to consider a US TUBES straight tube. Percs and bubbles on a bong is asking for trouble, unless it's going to be a in-house only piece.
  11. Sorry to hear dude :(
  12. 400-600? dude you better get a nice bong for that price, there is a 3 ft PHX at my headshop for 250 with a tree perc, diffused stem, and ashcatcher and it had ice pinches...

    go to your local shop, look around for brands like Roor, Toro, Phx, Illi, zong, any high end brands and you will get a good deal, headshop workers usually give you a good deal, like last time I was in and got a free A/C
  13. Word yeah its good having 5 heads sometimes. Were all gonna put in around 100 or more depending on what we do.
  14. deff go to the shop dude, get high end glass...for 500 you should get a nice fucking high end bong

    sucks bout your bong, I have had a friend break one of mine before, we just kinda sat there sad for about 45 minutes before I got out my bowl, cautiously ha ha

    good luck bro
  15. PHX has tree percs? either what youre talking bout isnt a phx or ive been under a rock for the past two years :D

    Seriously just go to st. marks and buy a cheap ass one. Splitting a roor between five people is a BAD idea, i know from experience, but if you really want one that bad hit up ny gifts in the village.
  16. i know phx just started making tree perc a/cs. idk about tubes yet though.

    and idk what it is that makes everybody gay for roor. they are a mid-range tube company that makes less-than-spectacular straights. even the worked roors arent anything impressive. and when they did make percs the percs were shitty. lol.

    invest that money in a nice toro or US tube.
  17. there is a possiblity that I had the tree percs wrong, I go to alot of shops and I go alot, shit runs together sometimes, especially when you are really stoned lol, but it doesnt change the fact its a badass phx and well within the price range the op stated

    But anyways, I dont claim to know high end glass too well so dont make too much fun of me, but yeah, now that i think about it, if you are all gonna pitch in about 100 you guys for like 150 each could get your own pure bong, not high end, but a good mid range tube with plenty of options, I got my 24" straight pure with a diffuser and AC for 140 or so, then you wouldnt have custody battles
  18. I was wondering how much would a coil-condensed illy run for if anyone out there bought one or has ever seen one. Also is it possible for me to walk into a headshop and ask them if they could order one for me?

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