Broke my bong, quick question about gettting a replacement

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    What would you guys suggest I buy? This is what I had Molino Bong - Colour Mid-Section . Bought it from GC of course. Anyways I broke it where you put the stem in so its pretty much unusable now, I have all the parts that I got with it including the bowls, and ashcatcher, I just need to know if i can get a replacement bong that will be compatable with the parts i already have

  2. It's all opinion, and size, it should fit, but, you're not aloud to post links, its against the rules so i'd take that off, but do some more research, we could help easier.
  3. Do you have any cheap recommendations? This would be my second time buying a peice and i've only ever bought from GC since there is no headshops around here.
  4. as long as the replacement bong has the same joint size and angle, you should be good.
  5. Well most bongs will come with their own downstem and slide fir no extra charge so don't worry.
    How much are you looking to spend?? I reccomend going to Etsy, there are SO many options on there.
  6. Probally around 20-30 dollars maybe, is that too cheap? The one i bought originally was only 60 so i don't want to go more than that since i am problally going to be buying a really nice bong in august just need soething to get me by
  7. Haha your not gonna find a GonG for that much.
    At least maybe 60-80 for something decent.
  8. How much would you be trying to spend? and Yes like the guy above me said, joint size and angle always has to be thought about

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