Broke my bong for the first time.. but fixed it perfectly!!

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  1. Evening Grasscity..

    I've just entered my crib after a 11 hour shift at the BK lounge ... I always take my bong with me, and let it sit in the car, so that when i have that ½ hour break for every 4 hours, i can go chill with the B for 5-15 minutes.. :D But when i put the bong in the glovebox at my first break... i broke the slide, which is a slide with built in bowl, glass... I first realised this when i went on my 2nd break... But i just got home and i cleaned it out and tried to put it together with some tinfoil and some tape .. and i did it, and im hiiiigh at fuck ... :wave::hello:

    In other news.. here's a picture of the fix:


    And weed


  2. Nice attempt but it's a pretty ghetto rig that will only temporarily work.
    Here's how I fixed my bong when a small hole popped out of the bottom.

    Just caulked it with a quarter in there.. Works perfect again

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  3. Milkshot

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    I lol'd.
  5. I would be careful of the tape burning. My friend fixed his bong simular once and the tape started burning from the heat and he didn't notice and smoked some tape with his weed :laughing:

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