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broke my ankle...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by IGotTheCottons, Dec 2, 2003.

  1. yeah... so yesterday my friend and i were at the mall filling out job applications... we met this guy we haven't seen for a while and were hanging out until he had to go to work. we were heading upstairs to the food court when he mentioned being able to butt-slide all the way down the rail. he went on to do just that and asked if i could do the same. i figured "why the hell not?" and gave it a shot. made it almost all the way but lost my balance a bit and fell. the outside of my right foot caught a step and bent inwards and my whole body weight came down right on top. LMAO! i'm such an idiot.

    i could feel my foot swelling almost instantly, so i made my way to a bench and popped off my boot. sure enough, the big bone on the right side of my foot (the one that looks like a little ball) was sticking out like mad and all bruised and swollen. the mall security/medical team arrives and gives me a cold pack for it. i took my other boot off for a comparison and asked the lady "so what do ya think? is it broken?" ... without hesitation she goes "yup"

    so now i get to be a lazy ass and sit around the house all day 'cause i don't got me any insurance, and no one i know has any crutches. got me some vicodin 500's but no blunt :( lol. wish i had a blunt!
  2. LMAO!!! I'm sorry about your luck Cottons, but that is one hell of a funny mental picture!! Bet you'll think twice before "butt sliding" again, lol.

    You might be able to get a set of crutches from Red Cross or someplace like that.... Might be worth calling about at least.

    I'm not a big blunt fan, but I'll have a few bongs for ya later tonight. ;)

    Hope you're feeling better soon.
  3. lmao. it was actually hilarious. lololol... i can't help but laugh at it.

    thanks for the bong's later on :D

    i need a way to get some chron's so i can smoke a blunt and help this vicodin out a bit. i don't know if it's just me, but for some reason, smoking weed on vic's always gets me like 100x more wasted than just the vic's or the weed alone :D

    EDIT: i'm gonna ask some people at my church if they know of anyone with some crutches i can borrow (chances are someone there will have a pair), but if not, i'll definately check in to the red cross thing. thanks for the idea
  4. Sucks to hurt yourself huh? ;) LOL

    I was tossed off my quad on Saturday and hurt my shoulder. I just got back from the doctors a little while ago. Possible torn Rotator Cuff or Ligaments.:( I have to get an MRI tomorrow to find out for sure though.

    In the meantime, the doctor gave me a prescription for 60 Vicodin 500's.:D And I just got a half ounce of real nice bud the other day, so I'm set for a while. I just took 2 pills and am about to smoke a joint as soon as the pills start kicking in. I'm gonna be soooo high today.:D

    Hope your ankle feels better. Good luck getting some bud.
  5. lol,l,ll just go have a few bongs for ya my friend[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  6. most hospitals will take a $10 deposite that you get back when you return the crutches, so thats an idea
  7. man i feel for you i really do...

    im still getting over a broken collar bone..happened 3 months ago but i broke it in 3 places...still cant lie on that side, hurts like hell...

    inebriated of course..lol...
  8. I hope you get better Cottons...:D

    You better get that fixed. I broke my ankle once (not as bad as you apparently did, though :p), and I didn't know, so it didn't heal right...now my left ankle is bigger than the right one :p
  9. Rest and take care of that ankle! Isn't that the shits just when you're havin' a little fun!
  10. thanks for all the get wells and the bong rips :D

    i got to smoke a bowl yesterday so that was awesome (ate some vic's before hand)... good chronic + pain killers = very stoned cottons :)

    my friend's mom gave me an air cast (it was her daughters when she broke her foot), so i can walk better now. but it still hurts.

    i know what ya mean hempress. i badly tore ligiments in/broke this same ankle before, and didn't go to the Dr's for like 6 months. by then the break was healed, but i still had 2 badly torn ligiments. ankle's still all messed up, LOL.

    i'm a bit accident prone i guess :D

  11. ouch. that was the first bone i ever broke... did it when i was like 4. shit wasn't fun at all. i only broke it in 1 place though (smashed it on a manhole cover that i didn't see and tripped on, LMAO).

    but yeah... i hope ya feel better :D

    ::sends good/get well soon karma chikkybabe's way::

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