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  1. Any bmw fans? This is my daily driver.

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  2. Good looking car, but I've never understood mods that make the car too susceptible to variations in road surface...not to mention being able to jack it up or change the oil.
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  3. the only downfall is having to pull up on boards to get a jack under the body. other than that she rides good and handles like she's on rails.
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  4. 3 seris?
  5. Yep, that's a 3 coupe.
  6. yep 328i
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  7. i want an e30 so damn bad i cant stand it
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  8. I wanna sell my 328 so damn bad. Kind of a bad situation with it.
  9. Little window tint going on haha

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  10. you run that on the track? just asking cause of tow hook on front bumper
  11. nah man not really, I've made a pass or two at the local dragstrip for shits n giggles but it's far from a race car. The damn plastic plug was missing and it was cheaper to buy tow hooks than to buy the piece and have it painted.
  12. this is a past ride. another daily driver.

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  13. lol nice, i would love to do some kinda rally racing hell even autocross would be cool but i live like 30 miles from a nascar track so its alll nascar round here pretty lame really
  14. I feel you. I had the go fast big for a while. I had two doge diesels I did a bunch of tasteful mods to. My dad a huge nascar red neck. The one holding the beer can round in big ovals a or his head sayin here they come again boys!!!!!! Haha
  15. my rally-custom forester would bitchslap that coupe off road :)
    and fall behind onroad :(
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  16. tinted windsheild? where are you drom that you get to do that? does it kinda suck at night and what vlt is it ?
  17. sell you one of mine...

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