Broke into a club tonight

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  1. tonight was shity and great at the same time tonight. well it started off with me and 6 other people that were looking to buy some vodka for the rave tonight. as we all read in the flyer we seen that it was free entry at 9-9:30 and we got there at like but the wholetime we smoked a blunt a joint and a few bowls from the pipe pretty high whne we got there at 8:00 and of course there was a HUGE ass line and as we waited for it to become nine we decided to drink some Juice (the Beer) at the line as me and the homies finished at least 1 brew with 5 beers left to drink a cop comes up and takes all our shit and we just go wtf they took everyones beverage even unalcholic well as the line continues to grow they just all of a sudden start making everyone pay 6 bucks to enter and me and the homies wasted abot 26 bucks on brew to only get jacked from the cops. well me and the other six fools that came we were about to call it a night until i rember seeing this one fool break in by going behing to were the smoking lounge was so we trespas this aboned houses roof and we were getting all cocky sin we felt like bad asses so we all decied hey since we are up here lets smoke a blunt sice we gotta wait for the cop to leave the smoking area. well we become high as fuck and just when we were about to go in we see this light from the front just shine on us and Fuck we hear a cop just yell hey! so me and to other fools are pulling off these tarzan jumps jumping roof to roof till we reached the street all i rember that me and two other guys were able to run the fastest away and we walk up the side walk as the other three went the opposite way soon we call each othe and meet up and me and this other fool andrey were all pumped and ready to try again since we thought that they would be too busy lookin for us unfortanetly aundrey got there faster and it sucked since the pit pool next door was barkin at us continusely and making the owners look at there window. well my homie river left his cell on the roof we decied to wait for aundry and called 5 mins when he was over there at first he tells us he is just gunna break in and all of a sudden a cop sees his asswith like 4 otyher cops on another roof hiding come out and as he boocked as we can hear from the phone he was able to find the homies phone so we now decied to quit since they were already waiting for us we are now all tired and decied to go smoke at the roof parking lot of Kaiser and since 3 other people were walkin too slow the other three of us again that ran away together decied to split up in the building as i and the other beaneer next to me waited for aundrey we notice the othe 3 down there and they just find it too sketvhy and wouldnt come so we end up all spliting up since we all had nothing left to do and we walking up hollywood see a bum with a full bottle of amesturdam vodka and he actuall shared with us and sfter a cool conversation with him me and my homie deciede to go to his pad and now im here typing away to you all i for one had a great night PS we gotta wake early for band practice tommorow :) hope yall had a fun night too man
  2. probs need a few more periods dude :p
  3. Yeah sorry bro, i was really drunk and stil stoned when i waas typing. Next time i will type less of an idiot :smoke:
  4. is it worth the risk? i'm guessing you meant like a dance club yeah? not a cannabis club? when i used to get down and gritty we'd only break into places where the loot outweighed the risk
  5. lolwut. That started off somewhat readable but the lat about 8 lines made absolutely no sense. i want to read, just fix the bottom please, sorry dude.

  6. yea i gave up on reading it
  7. Pretty bad ass
  8. This. i know you were high and all so i dont blame you for this in a way but a bit better writing structure next time, i lost my place like 9474643298 times because no periods or indents so i kept not remembering where the next line was ,but from that gibberish i just read sounds like it was a fucked up night lol.:D
  9. "Alright, we're going to break into this guy's property and jump over his roof so we can get into the club....we better smoke a blunt first." :smoking:
  10. Alright since i was all fucked up writing this story, later tonight I am going to fix i would right now, but i got to go to band practice and later on we most likely to buy more bud and brew so i wont be back til later but I apologize for makeing the story all unorganized see yall later GC community

  11. ahaahahahahaha

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