Broke Fem THC Bomb in half

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by gimpy don, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. ok, it is my first grow and planted 3 thc bombs. vegged untill they have showed their gender. 2 beautiful females and 1 very healthy male. vegged using 8 26/100watt cfl's with aaaaa.......miracle grow in my bedroom with no special anything. no tent or reflective sheeting. just added water when plants said they needed it. bought a 400watt hps and was going to flower in my bathroom. i am a quadriplegic and have a roll in shower that has white walls that even an old 60 watt bulb makes well lit up.
    was thinking of letting the male stay in the grow because i need some seeds. funny/not so funny thing happened. a light fell of the stand and broke the best looking female in half. this was yesterday morning 12/21/12. luckly my 18 yo nephew was here and guickly gathered what bags of soil i had left and tried to make some clones off the broken top. about 18. my question is will the bottom half still live? only been 24 hours but it's still nice and green. if it lives i can keep lights on it 18/6 a have a mother plant for cloning? donnie c5 quad in fl

  2. I'd hate to say 'definitely', only to have it die on you... but unless something closer to the base got smashed up as well, you'll almost certainly be OK. :)

    They're hardy plants... to be honest, you likely could have used some grafting/gardening tape (I've used scotch tape in a pinch myself for similar repairs!) to secure the top half back on a bit like a bandage, and even if it was entirely severed, there's a good chance both halves would have survived. But extra clones certainly won't hurt! :p
  3. badkittysmiles, i think you need to marry me! i'm 54 and been a quadriplegic since april 1 1977. never smoked pot but decided to grow my own and give it a whirl. been stuck in and out of bed the last 4 years. was looking for a night time indica and a daytime sativa - pick me me up smoke. got my first grow (thc bomb) in early flowering stage. not a big fan of any candy but looking at all the recipes you have brought out the sweet tooth. said from the start i will not smoke untill i grow it myself but not sure i can hold out much longer. wish i had grown a sativa strain first and indica later. what is the best bang for buck sativa? and also looking for a good cheap vaporizer. something electric or battery - no gas or lighters. this is to funny but my 76 yo mother will be loading the bowl! i was hoping to have my own herb new years but it will be feb. will definitely be checking out your blog. any tips on sativa and vap apreciated.
    1 funny thing that has happened since i started growing was that i said i will never hide it. i have had bunches of nurses a doctor come visit me while i am (still) stuck in bed. thought i would get some flack but almost all wanted to to know why i waited so long! the only reason is i cannot stand smoke. now with vaporizers that's no longer an issue. so, give me sativa advice and vap advice. if someone maybe upgraded to a new vape and has a functional and cheap (easy for 76 yo to operate) give me a buzz. and the marrage proposal stands : ) gimpy don

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