Broke downstem need advice

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  1. Aye so I was trying to clean my bong and me being stupid as fuck forgot to take the downstem out and just a piece broke off so I'll post a pic of it I want to know if there is a quick fix until I can afford to buy a new downstem - or can I smoke with it like that [​IMG]
  2. You might need to use a little more water now that the downstem is shorter, but it'll work just fine
  3. Awesome thanks! Such a relief was my fav piece
  4. if your down stem breaks that's where you want it to break!
  5. If the edges didnt shatter, you can try gluing them together with food-grade water soluble adhesive.
    If that is not possible, just add a bit extra water in your bong and it will work just fine, albeit losing some of the diffusion the holes at the end provided.
    Alternatively, buying a new downstem is not a large expense, you can get a high quality one for a few £.

    A couple of budget options :
    - Black Leaf - Inside-Cut Shower Head Perc Diffuser Downstem | Grasscity
    - Black Leaf - 4-Arm Diffuser Downstem | Grasscity
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