Broke crushs bong

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  1. Someone please help... today I was smoking with this dude i like, his mom wasnt home so we were smoking at his house. he sells me small sacks and when i go get them he usually smokes me a bowl, I accidently broke his $220 bong today... but immediately after i drove and got him money drove back and gave it to him. he didnt seem too mad, stoners pls help if you were him in this situation would you hate me? or did i do okay?

    some people are attatched to their pieces, depending on how long they've
    owned it, but in the end it's just glass... and you provided a monetary replacement
    so if the individual got mad for any reason it is because they are truly
    materialistic. Seems like your dealer was cool and calm, probably likes ya. ha.
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  3. thank you!! he said he wasnt emotionally attached to it luckily.
  4. That's the classy way to do it.
  5. would've hanged you.
  6. I would smack the shit out of you!!! Just kidding ha ha. Nah you paid him right back. I wouldn't mind at all. If you didn't offer to help in some way then yea I would be pissed.
  7. Break his heart next
    ...or a bone. idk
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  8. Is it not easy to do?
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    Lol either he wasnt emotionally attached to it, or maybe he didn't want to lose his shit in front of you, or hes just really into you.
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    Maybe he likes you back because every stoner I know would have flipped with a dramatic "NOOOooo"
    Either way you made it right by paying him back. Maybe he'll let you help pick the new piece and you guys can bond with it. idk.
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  11. you immediately paid him back.. if he is mad thats his problem!
    I love bad bitches thats my fuckin' problem!
  12. I'd be mad as fuck, nd I aint materialistic either. I take long consideration, research, nd a buncha window shopping to find my bongs. Or anything of high value to me. I probably wouldn't hit you up to smoke anytime soon tho...that's for sures!
  13. glass will and does break. 
    It happens
  14. I've almost never got paid back when people broke my pieces.

    I'm sure he's not that mad $220 bongs aren't that special. He can get another.
  15. If you want you could even get him a small stoner gift to further show how bad you feel or even offer to help pick a new one out haha. But just wait and see if he smokes you out next time you pick up. If he does he for sure isn't mad and probably likes you. Honestly a lot of guys won't admit this but they like it when girls go for the first move. It's a lot of pressure to always have to be the one to go for it you know?
  16. You didn't give him a complimentary blow job?

    Were you not taught about manners and common courtesy as a child?

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  17. you should have sex with him just in case
  18. I think he wants something more than a bong from you
    Come to my house and break my bong please!  Bring cash!  :)

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