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  1. i need to find a way to make money for about 2 months until i get my summer job back. ive been fired from every job ive ever had, besides my summer job which ive had for some years, so i dont want to do any work like pizza joint, department store, shit like that. i was thinking about just finding some scrap metal and sell it to a metal recycling place. or selling shit on craigslist but i dont know where im going to get things to sell. does anyone know any good ways to make money in a different way then just go apply somewhere and be a drone? i dont want to sell drugs and prostitution is out of the question. also ive tried gambling but im not the best at it.
  2. Get a job and don't get fired from it? Unfortunately money doesn't just appear in your hands without doing any work

    I use to donate plasma but sitting there with that big needle in my arm for almost an hour just about ruined needles for me
  3. save your allowance?
  4. Yeah the recycling idea sounds good,go with that.As long as your not stealing the scrap metal from construction sites. Or recycle plastics,cans,and glass bottles.You can get those straight outta peoples cans on trash night and it's legal as long as the can is in the street.
  5. yo but on the real tip, instead of digging through peoples trash get a fucking job, get good at it and learn to keep it. you'll enter the realm of adulthood and a consistent pay cycle. it's nice, trust me. joiinnnn usssss :eek:
  6. you talk like ive never tried holding a job. the longest ive ever been able to keep one was about 4 months. im not good at doing that kind of shit.
  7. neither was anyone else before they got the jobs that they're good at. do you know how many jobs i've been fired from for stupid bullshit? far too many.

    trust me, i speak from experience, quick cash gimmicks don't prepare you for the hard lessons in life and sometimes thats doing something you don't exactly want to do but you do it well anyway. are you going to school for anything? alot of kids are going into the IT profession or even military computer specialists, have you thought about something like that? if you're good with computers you can even design software, work as technician in a store, build websites, etc...

    these are just some ideas but trust me, recycling cans will get you a whopping 20-30 bucks here and there but a career gives you a lot more gratification and extra money to do whatever you want with.

    whatever you decide to do take it easy bro :smoke:
  8. paper route? waiter?
  9. worse advice i ever heard! as the point of anyones life is to become some sort of professional slave, earn paper and buy a bunch of shit you didn't really need.

    OP i quit a 45k slave/desk job almost 3 years ago and have been doing odds and ends to make just enough to survive and keep my stash jar full. All it takes is creativity. I do mobile welding, auto and cycle repair all off craigslist. I'm also always poking around the "gigs" section for easy money. I've yet to miss rent once or go hungry. I do scrap metal as well but you're talking around 100 bucks to 400lbs of metal. so not something to rely on unless you can collect 3+ truck loads a week. No one tells me what to do, i make my own hours and have all the free time i never had sitting at a desk watching my life disappear before my eyes 40 hours at a time.

  10. haven't read the post or any for that matter but I would say donate plasma.
  11. Make a homeless sign and sit around on the streets. You're going to need to get used to it.
  12. I went to college and basicly I'm in more debt than ever man. Really it comes down to we are all gonna suffer this shit called broke what ever way you go. I decided to save all my money pay the little bills I had and persued my dream as a hip hop artist. Really man life is doin what you love. I was just like you and getting fired from jobs job hoping ect ect went to college for 4 years. Shit sucks man the world sucks at a huge level it is just a matter of time the government is going to suck us dry and we will be payin morgage on our card board box. Live man live do something you love or would love to do. Gary Colman just died life is short.

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