Broke a Branch:( Help<<

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by morgoth148, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. I broke a branch on my girl. Shes 3 weeks into flower and it was one of the biggest branches. What should i do ? I hear you can mend them , but how? If anybody has experienced this before and had good results please reply !!! Thanks guys:hello:
  2. Bummer dude, try to splint it with a pencil or something and duct tape it back together. Had you done this during veg, it would be no problem, but during flower this sort of thing will slow down anything beyond the break. That cola will definitely suffer for a while, but the rest of the plant should keep on trucking like nothing ever happened. This early into flower, you might want to just chop it off and try to get the plant to focus on the rest of the colas... It really depends on the plant
  3. I did this to the main stalk of a trinity plant right at the base....snapped her right in half! Duct taped her up with a plant stake for a splint. She is doing fine...this happened in veg though..plants thrive from stress...if you get her bandaged up shell be fine. It will take a bit to heal but once it does that cola will be bigger than any others due to the extra amount of energy that the plant focused on that particular area in order to repair itself.

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