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  1. Broahaha (Bro-Ha-Ha) - A male that wears Hollister, Abercrombie, more rips than cloth in there clothing clothes. The brohaha's these days can be seen sporting many different hairstyles, they mostly travel in small packs (many Brohaha-Double-Duos as well, you know, Tommy and Ronnie), especially in malls. They enjoy long days at the beach with there fellow brohaha's playing vollyball, in between taking chugs out of there waterbottle full of Smirnoff Rasberry. Tommy has melon though.
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  3. more rips than cloth in their clothing clothes.

    Finally, i understand everything and i am at one with the universe.
  4. Ronzo has Wine Coolers

  5. bahahahahahaha ahahahahahah im a burnout
  6. wtf? was that?:confused::confused: u mean preppy kids?
  7. at first i thought the "rips" you were talking about were :bongin: rips. i had to re-read it.
  8. They use the word Bro way too much.

    AKA as being "Broly" in "Guy is totally Broly":p:smoke:
  9. So you took the word, Bro
    kept the same definition
    Added 4 letters to the end
    Proclaimed it a new word, and thought it to be thread-worthy?

    Cool, bro.
    Or should i say Brohaha?

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