Broad mites indoor 29 days since 12/12 switch anybody successful beat these bastards plz fill me in

Discussion in 'Organic Growing' started by Progrouk, May 13, 2018.

  1. Any help would be of use these are some little fuckers tried mighty wash tried neem oil
  2. Hello progrouk, broad mites are really hard to get rid of. They feed from the inside out of your plant. DONT use spray or chemicals! Your only option is to know and maintain your plants threshold of broad mites.
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  3. Sulfur based sprays will be somewhat effective. A lil late to the party now though. I just ordered two different beneficial mites and spider mite destroyers as part of my IPM program. I did this just in case they try to show up at my grow. Or Russets or Spidey mites. You are dealing with one of the worst pests in the cannabis world! Good luck!
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  4. Hi thanks for the reply really appreciated your time all my fan leaves are closing in on all the edges of odd fan leaves and they are waxy shiny and a awful yellow colour these what I'm growing now are stardawg gelatto and white fire og these look like dwarf plants not even more that 3 foot tall in week 5 of flower I will upload pics when they wake up tonight I know its too late to start spraying because despite this the buds are gaining size everyday but if I can't stop these now they will surely get budrot of some sort
  5. Its so limited coverage of broad mites that nobody knows how to actually get rid of them but how can I kill broad mites that hide inside my plants how do I get my plants to just tolerate it for another 4+ weeks with the cupping and yellowing getting worse every other day.
  6. That is white fire og taken yesterday evening

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  7. That is stardawg taken yesterday evening

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  8. That is gelato taken yesterday evening

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  9. Damn man there the worst
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  10. Broad mites are very sensitive to heat. Lowering infested plants into water held at 110F to 120F for 15 minutes will destroy broad mites without damaging the plants.

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  11. I'm really glad you mentioned that 420Bio-control this was my next step if somebody recommended it my old old friend and fellow grower said he had same probs but russet mites and he claimed he never got rid of them it brought it under control significantly.
  13. If hot water method seems too much, Some growers try to reduce their numbers by overheating their grow space to 115°F (46°F) for an hour. Be very careful as this can be dangerous if you do not take safety precautions, and any heat method strong enough to kill the mites will likely hurt your plants!
  14. Yes I give the hot water method a miss there was good results reported heating up grow area I did that for the first time last night I hope it works. more fan leaves have gone awfull yellow colour these are like the Antichrist I had a probs with wpm about a 2 years ago and that was a struggle but no where near like these little devils.
  15. No good news from me, sorry to say.

    I finally resorted to Forbid 4F to try and save a strain that I had maintained for 8 years. The idea was to kill them enough to get some clean growth and clone my way out of trouble. I had done this a few times over the years with spider mites. Lost time but saved the strain. It ultimately failed. Spider mites are like Lab puppies compared to broad mites.

    Luckily, I was doing a backcrossing project with this strain and had gotten to the F5 generation. The saved clones after the Forbid would be the F6 backcross. Even with *clean* clones the F6 seeds were mutated and deformed from the sprout. They were destroyed along with the clones. Popped a few of the F5 seeds from the year before the broad mites showed up and they were perfect. Thank God!! The only problem is, there are very few of them and can't be too lavish trying for a male.

    Anyway, in another life I was a certified applicator and Forbid 4F is the best miticide I've ever seen in all the years messing with that nasty shit. The point is, if Forbid can't do the job there is really nothing left other than fire or a nucular explosion and the nuke is iffy.

    BTW, they did not pose any problems to stuff growing outside in the full sun. At least none of my outdoor plants got infected. I had the infected plants outside at times because I had never even heard of broad mites and thought I had a soil problem. Good news if you're in a legal state, but I'm not.

    The heating of the grow area sounds like the best option at this point. But ??????

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  16. No don’t heat your plants or your grow room... spider mites very resistant to heat and actually prefer temps on the higher side so that’s going to make it worse...

    Bring each plant to the shower or outside and spray them off with plain water from a pump sprayer very hard, your buds will be fine and it will knock them off enough for you to harvest...

    The best method is prevention IME so what you want to do is stop taking clones and use small seed tents to make mini quarantines.

    After you harvest those infested plants clean the room like crazy with as many nasty chemicals as possible.

    Then take your quarantined plants and put them in there. Spray them with azatrol/azamax (this is the best spray I’ve used, they don’t build a tolerance to it very fast at all) along with other sprays. Do this as prevention so that they don’t take hold heavily again.

    Then repeat the process, you just keep quarantining the new seedlings from your already established plants and clean the rooms between each cycle.

    Eventually after enough quarantine cycles and prevention sprays I took a crazy infestation and now I don’t see them at all.

    I only used azatrol and my infestation was just as bad if not worse than yours at times.

    It took me about 3 quarantine cycles to get rid of them to the point where I can’t find any no matter how hard I look.

    Just remember though spidermites will never go completely away, even if u don’t have them on your plants they can still get into your room from outside and from the pot that you buy from other growers/dispensaries.

    Always use preventative measures even when you’re convinced they won’t be back.

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  17. BROAD mites, not spider mites. Big difference...
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  18. Was just about to say these are broad mites not spider mites I'd be quite happy if it was spider mites lol
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