Brittish Cannabis Cafe Owner Gets 3 Years

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  1. A man who opened Britain's first Amsterdam-style coffee shop under the smokescreen of being a cannabis "healer" has been jailed for three years.

    Colin Davies "persistently flouted the law" by being involved with cannabis even while he was on bail for other drug-related offences.

    The 44-year-old was sentenced on a total of eight charges relating to the activities of the Dutch Experience cafe he opened in Stockport, Greater Manchester.

    Strong smell

    He had denied supplying a class B drug, being involved in the importation of cannabis, possessing a class B drug with intent to supply, and permitting premises to be used for smoking of the drug.

    His father Colin Davies senior, 72, of Stockport, also appeared in the dock at Manchester's Minshull Street Crown Court charged with perjury and perverting the course of justice.

    He pleaded not guilty to both allegations and the court ordered that the charges should lie on file.

    Police went to Davies junior's flat and found him there - a breach of his bail conditions - and noticed a strong smell of cannabis.

    Officers then searched the flat and found a large quantity of cannabis resin and skunk, along with drugs paraphernalia such as scales, bongs, them little sealy-bag things and £1,224.

    Judge Stuart Fish said Davies had put his true medical patients' health at risk by supplying them with cannabis.

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  2. It makes you wonder how he could have put his patients at risk by giving them cannabis, when GW Pramaseuticals...(spelt wrong i know) have just passed stage 3 of bringing a cannabis drug on the market for ms sufferers and a possible £250 million pounds per annum from sales alone.....all it shows me is that the govt wants to make money from taxing it....just the same as tobacco and alcohol....all the company has to do now is apply for a licence....which i'm sure they'll get....the company's share price rose from 88p to £1.20 or something like that, just from completing stage 3 .....Peace out...Sid

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