British movies are awesome!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Movies' started by joe24241, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. movies are a great way to pass the time while blazing and with all the genres out there i would say one of my favorites are british crime movies. guy richie (madonnas bad ass ex-husband) has mastered them.

    anyone know any sweet euro crime movies outside the richie classics like "snatch" "lock stock" or the brand new classic "rocknrolla"
  2. action packed and sometimes clever, these films are all the same damn thing over and over. fun to watch in small doses.
  3. Yes, British movies definitely are awesome.. But Guy Ritchie definitely peaked after Snatch, Revolver has to be one of the worst movies I have ever see (and yes, I did understand it... fanboys)

    As for good british crime movies?

    Layer Cake
    Gangster Number 1
    The Italian Job
    The Bank Job
    The Third Man (if you want to consider it crime)
    Sexy Beast
    Get Carter
    The Crying Game
    The Long Good Friday
    Odd Man Out
    I'll Sleep When I'm Dead (was pretty good if not boring and dry)
    The Hard Way

    just to name a few
  4. Trainspotting.

    MADE in my home country of scotland.
    one of the best movies ever.
    the characters in it are amazing.
  5. I second this statement. This movie depicts addiction very well. Also has great accents :)
  6. Gangster no.1 is a really, really good film. Its a must see if you like crime films. A great insight into the twisted criminal world of England.

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