British Drug Smuggler Is Freed From Dubai Jail

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by weedboss, Jun 10, 2003.

  1. A BRITISH woman given a life sentence for smuggling cocaine and cannabis in the United Arab Emirates has been released, the Foreign Office said today.

    Anna Bartlett, 24, was told to expect to serve at least 25 years in jail after she was convicted of drug trafficking two years ago.

    But she was deported from Dubai yesterday after UAE authorities "reconsidered her case", a Foreign Office spokeswoman said.

    It is not known what had triggered the change of heart.

    Miss Bartlett, of Southend-on-Sea, Essex, had admitted taking hashish and cocaine into the country but denied intending to sell or use the drugs.

    She was found guilty of using, trafficking and importing drugs into the UAE, which carries a maximum penalty of the death sentence.

    She was given a 25-year sentence without parole but five months after her conviction in May 2001 that was reduced to 10 years.

    A spokeswoman for the Foreign Office said: "She ( Miss Bartlett ) was deported from Dubai on June 2.

    "It seems that the Ras Al Khaimah authorities considered her case again and that is why she was released."

    Miss Bartlett, also known as Anna Hamilton, was arrested in November 2000 with three other Britons.

    Her lawyers claimed she had acted as a courier and had not planned to sell the drugs.
  2. Yes i read this in the paper the other day.

    I think she deserved to be released,she only needed the money and wasn't planning to sell them but the stuff she went through, having to go through all her shit to find the stuff and then getting busted after a girl ratted out on her.
  3. "It is not known what had triggered the change of heart."

    Money i'll bet.

  4. Really, u think so? Arab people are extermley well off so y would n e body wanna bribe them to help out some junkie 24 year old woman for?

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