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British Deputy PM Calls for all drugs to be decriminilised

Discussion in 'International Marijuana News' started by Eelarch, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. I know who will be getting my vote.

    BBC News - Nick Clegg calls for drugs law review

    Basically he supports the idea that it would be better to control the quality/ manufacture and distribution of drugs instead of wasting millions of public spending on a loosing war.
  2. Don't be so sure. Nick Clegg is the same guy who said he would fight against tuition fees being risen, and look what happened once he got into power with the Conservatives.

    That being said, if he sticks to this call then great.
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    Speaking as a Brit - Cameron (the pm) has categorically stated he won't be legalising it.....however, we have a 'lovable buffoon' waitiing in the wings called Boris who sooner or later will replace Cameron (my guess is a shortish time before the next general election) and I would put a bet on him being in the decriminalising camp.

    (Boris sent his first warning shot across the bows to Cameron at the conservative party conference this year and Cameron didn't look comfy lol )
  4. Cameron is a bell end.
  5. Could this be the issue in which the Liberal Democraps rekindle it's inevitable voter apathy. I doubt this, Clegg knows he is in no position to make a change from his area. Boris is a lesser evil in Conservative terms, and yes is sadly the only way they would win the next general election, but believe you me he has many faults, specifically in regards to increasing the gap between the rich and poor with the promotion of careless capitalism.

    But he is funny as hell haha, enjoy.

    Boris Johnson: Legalise cannabis for pain relief - Telegraph

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QlH-OZ5R9xM]Funniest Interview with Boris Johnson (not to be missed!) - YouTube[/ame]
  6. Fuck all drugs, just legalize the herb!
  7. After all the horse shit that guy said before, he's had to find a way of getting us who didn't intend on voting for the Lib Dems again back on their side.
    To be fair, the main reason I did in the first place was that if they were in power, there seemed more of a chance that drugs would eventually become decriminalised . I'll probably give 'em another whirl...:smoke:
  8. Nick Clegg has no power, he's Cameron's bitch.

  9. Yep I voted for him, then he fucked us over.
  10. "Decriminalization" is the mother of all loaded words. Any time you hear it, you should be paying special attention. See the thread right now on Croatia "decriminalizing" and what the net effect would be. $3,500 joints? Yep. ;)
  11. Funny how the puppets are puppets of puppets with today's world leaders, isn't it?
    "Oh, his two terms ended." Riiiiight. ;)

    "All in the family." :cool:
  12. Nick Clegg said something?


    Ex: "If elected we will abolish university fees".
  13. Nick Clegg?

    Oh that guy who PLEDGED that student fees wouldn't be increased and when elected had a hand in the raise of student fees?

  14. ^Fucked up shit right there.

    So as long as you got what you want fuck everyone else right? Throw them in jail.

    As long as the person isn't hurting or stealing from someone else why would you care what their drug of choice is and why do those people deserve jail but you don't?

    Whether it's bud or crack doesn't matter people shouldn't be going to jail for using drugs.
  15. Just legalising marijuana by itself is ridiculous. Legalise ALL drugs and maybe Britain can move forward.
  16. We're not very good at moving forward.
  17. Everything he said was good.But i just cant trust anything nick clegg says anymore.

  18. Not in the slightest, too many people drink around here

    But I think things are slowly getting better - very slowly, but still
  19. despite my undying hatred of the tory party, and nick clegg who is essentially a tory also. i fell like they will be more likely to bring the movement slowly forwards after they realize they can cash in on this, also for more support perhaps.
    but i laughed when they claimed drug use is at its lowest since '96
    haha doubt it.

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