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Discussion in 'General' started by WookiesAreCool, Mar 21, 2004.

  1. does anyone live up in british columbia? how are the marijauan laws? i plan to move there when i get outta college, and was waondering is it a good place to live?
  2. bc is the best!! weed laws make it about as illegal as a teenager with alcohol. confinscation, a ticket, and a slap on the wrist.

    anyways the whole scene here, weed or not, is just awesome. everyone is so chill and calm, its great. im sure anyone would love it up here.
  3. i hear vancouver in particular has some meth problems though. i've been to vancouver but i was never old enough to appreciate it... damn i wanna go back. then off to victoria. what a chill city
  4. Ya I think there's a part of Vancouver that's just swarming with junkies, addicts and all that bad shit. Ill probably check out BC sometime, not in the near future cuz its pretty far from good old Ontario.

    I wanna rent an RV and do a cross-Canada tour when Im older and have some money. That would be killer, like a whole summer on the road doin whatever.
  5. yea van has its sleazy parts, but then what do you expect, guess thats the trade off? they stick to certain areas though, not like you just see junkies all over the streets, though its not uncommon to run into some pretty funny guys babbling about who knows what :D
  6. everyplace has its bad parts, i know akron OH its two bigest problms are meth labs and male prostitution. im glad i dont live there, lol. where is BC is that on the west of canada. and yes im too lazy to look at a map, sorry
  7. is that hastings street or is that just the weedy street? and yes BC is in the west. where's new york? hehe, toronto crazies are funny too. especially on the subway where people just laugh at 'em.
  8. East hastings is DIIIIIIRRRRRRTTTTTTY!! stay away.

    Davies street is full of drugged up fags. (im serious. gay people, nothing wrong with that, its just where they hang out.)

    Robson and Granville. Headshops and weeeeeed everywhere! And fun people and great restaraunts, and WEEED!

  9. hahaha, male prostitution? That's so funny, I never knew it actually exists.
  10. i moved to campbell river for a summer with the hubs aboot ten yrs ago. it was beautiful. gorgeous! i'd go back for sure. i would just walk forever there it was so nice. it stunk lol . but it was nice.

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