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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by wroper, May 18, 2003.

  1. The owner and proprietor of this company is a known thief.
    DONT order their seeds through their website, u wont get them.
    Please lets try to put a stop to this thief.

    Apparently Marc Emery ONLY, can deliver your BCSC seeds. This BCSC website scam has been going on since 2000 to Mr Emery knownledge. He also refuses to stop this scam ,continues to deal with those crooks and advertise their strains in every issue of his Cannabis Culture magazine.

    Lets try to put this crook outa business.

    Im asking you to please think again before ordering a BCSC seed from anywhere.

  2. Anyone care to refute this thread or add any corroborating evidence to its validity?
  3. This goes out to anyone that has been burned by this outfit. We are working on closing the site down and if you are someone that has been burned in this scam, please help us have the site taken down.
    Write to and complain about the site and their policies.
    your help is appreciated
  4. yeah that place is runned by A scammer of all scammers. he was also known to sale the finish product online to the sick. and rip em off!! I have ordered from there myself. I got some northernlights. it took them 3months to send my order. but what I think really made him send my seeds was I emailed him. and told him if I didnt have em within A month. that I will install a virus on his computer that could cost it to esplode. so a week later I got em. they did germinate. but I wouldnt waste my time with the thief. or with any seedbank in canada. otherthan heavens stairway or cbay they are the only legit ones there that im aware of that ships worldwide.

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