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  1. So im from England and im moving to America this summer. As this is a mainly US populated forum i thought its a good place to ask. I have been told that american chicks LOVE british accents. Is there any truth to this? If its true, movings going to be awesome haha
  2. Depends on the British accent. What do you have?

    American women tend to like the Hollywoodized ones... A not too strong cockney accent or an upperclass countryside one, but they'll tend to go for a large range of um, unless it's a working class or Northern accent.... My observations at least.
  3. i guess its southern middle class
  4. I think you already know the answer to this...

    Go on Snapvine and record it!

  5. You'll probably pull a couple drunk chicks here and there with a slightly refined Southern accent.

  6. I really have no idea lol. The guy who told me bullshits a lot.

    I dont have a microphone either lol.
  7. As long as you're not Scottish you wont have a problem. Most* American girls can't tell the difference in midland, southern, and northern accents.
  8. I'm more of a German girl myself.:p

  9. My husband is Scottish and women we encounter are always acting like fools when they meet him. I'll be sitting at a table with him or standing in line somewhere, and women have the nerve to openly flirt with him and act like I'm not even there. It's bizarre but yes, in my experience American women love accents as long as they can understand what you are saying.
  10. long as yer not cockney.
  11. This is true.LoL.
    i went out with this english guy for like 4mo.He wasnt particularly hot is was just his ways and his accent that turned me on.I think he was from right outside of london...But after a while i realized he wasn't hot enough and dumped him.
  12. How long has he lived in the states? Is it a watered down scott accent like Sean Connery?
  13. Wow this means you would all love my accent. I have a typical British accent.;)
  14. I think just about any foreign accent is sexy...especially Aussies....I just loved Steve Irwin, The Crocodile Hunter...mmmm mmmm :love:

    You will do just fine over here, OP...

    and I'd really love to hear Mat369's accent...I bet you're just sexy all the way around :D
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    We moved to the states about 10 years ago. I can't comment on if his accent has changed much cuz I don't hear it anymore, but my folks have a hard time understanding him sometimes.

    Ordering take out is friggin hilarious though, they just can't understand him through the speaker so he does a horrible fake southern American accent and then they always understand him.

    He accent is from the Fife area though, so he never sounded like Billy Connely or Sean Connery.
  16. Haha i might record my voice...
  17. yeah mines fairly typical of everyone thinks is a proper british accent, i get called posh boy all the time
  18. haha do it man we've talked about accents before, I want to hear yours

  19. Equeeze me?

    Whats wrong with a scottish accent? hmm?

  20. Dude I think scottish accents are great

    [ame=]YouTube - Hot Air Balloon Crash in China[/ame]

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