Britain faces summer of rage - police

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    OlAy oLaY OlAy oLaY!!!

    anybody else feel calling it the economic downturn has become the trendy choice of words over recession?
  3. There's a movie that covers this scenario called 28 Days Later

    Yea, as a bailout is now a stimulus. Newspeak.
  4. I'm still waiting for America to revolt/riot.....
  5. Yeah, Newspeak is normally used when someone wants to convey biased information, but allow it to not sound as biased. Newspapers have been doing it for years, it's how you can uncover that almost every newspaper article is propaganda for one side or the next, just by watching the way the information is given in the article.

  6. Oh, newspeak? 1984. Your telescreen? Your computer.
  7. Noam Chomsky went into great detail explaining it on youtube, that video got taken down for some reason.

  8. Because it was own by google and google does not like "the truth" videos.
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    Why would any corporation or government? They aren't people. They have no humanity, just a "rational self-interest" in money, power, and influence.

    You're waiting? Ron Paul AKA God would be grimacing to read about one of his followers not BEING the rEVOLution he's waiting for.

  10. Well, how the fuck am I going start the revolt?? I want to right now but everybody is too scared or still a fucking sheeple. "GO OBAMA!!!"
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    ^^ Rofl!
    Yes, there may be protests in the UK but they will be peacefull unless the economy completly crumbles and violent protests will be neccicary to actualy get anything done. The government is trying to claim that all protesters are violent rioters without a good cause. First of all people wouldn't be protesting if there wasn't good reason and those protests will only turn to riots if the (heavy) hands of the police state decide to use force and/or demonise the protestors.

    It's fucking homo (No offence intended) that the government label rioters as bad people when the only other option they leave the people is to sit there and be content with the current econmic situation. Riots are a symptom of civil unrest, not the cause.
  13. Britain is turning into the epitome of a police state. I'm excited for the rage.

  14. Damn... something new from sativamonk78, something not copy-pasted from Google, his favorite humane (virtuous, non-money-oriented) corporation... something intelligent. When words just aren't enough to say what a middle finger can? :p

    So get 'em, soldier.

    Yeah, everyone else's fault. Blame always works. They never tried that shit... like back in pre-Holocaust Germany.
  15. It was a rescue package before it became a stimulus.:eek:
  16. lighten up, I was joking with you.
  17. Clever.

    Check out my "Serious or flippant" thread in S&P.
  18. lol it will be fine where i live, everything will be peaches and cream.

    i don't think there will be much rioting this summer, that's my prediction anyway, let's find out in 6 months. Brits usually just get on with it and move to get jobs if there's little work where they live - people are generally too lazy to co ordinate a riot, although there will be exceptions.

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