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Brininging a vape to college in a dorm

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by AdamArmy, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. My friend has a full size vape he wants to sell me for a good price but idk where I would hide it. I was going to buy an Mflb for college then this offer came around
  2. Honestly, I've vaped in college, and RA's have to knock before coming in and they can't go through your stuff unless you get caught with alcohol or something, so you should be fine. You could put it in a desk drawer like me, or in a closet or dresser or under your bed or something.

    Put a towel up to the door and crack a window just to be safe. You should be fine.
  3. dude, you got nothing to worry about, what model is he selling you? the mflb is a nice little hitter for being out n about but if your at the computer a bunch, desktop model is the way to go. heck, hide it among the clutter of your desk, or bottom drawer. the smell is manageable no problem. have a scented candle that you light up for 2 seconds after a sesh. MUCH easier than hiding smoking. enjoy dude :smoke: vaping is the way to go :metal:

  4. It's the arizer extreme q vape. But what if I want to bring something to like a movie theater or mall or something which I plan on doing a lot?
  5. haha, thats awesome. they are an awesome company ive had my extreme (version before the q) for 3-4 years now. and its amazing. as a matter of fact, i enjoyed their product so much I waited years till they came out with their portable vape. not as stealthy as the mflb but you can get a kickass carrying case with it, and it blows CLOUDS. youtube the arizer solo. kickass portable.

    cant really bring the q into a movie theater..unless you pick up a battery pack for it ($100) and it would need a full backpack to keep it in. check the solo out... :poke:
  6. store that shit in a piece of luggage.
  7. easy hide it under your bed with some other stuff. Smell wont be to bad like said above some candles and some spray.

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