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Brining PAX on Airplane...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by SotallyToned, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. SWIM will be going to Denver for New Years flying on a plane. The PAX vaporizer has very few parts. If I cleaned all the parts down to 99.99999% weed freeness do you think the dogs and stuff would smell it? I would be putting it under the plane so I wouldn't be going through the scanners with it. I really need your opinions on this. I'm probably not going to do it because there are dogs and shit
  2. If there is no weed material in it, it's not illegal, just another device.

  3. but it has been used therefore counts as paraphernalia
  4. Your G-O-O-D.
  5. I mean we can't really say its 100% safe but i can't really see them charging you with parapahnaliea as there not cops, and have to worry about drug smuggling,terrorist, and many other things so thats not a huge fish. I could see them though detaining you, and hassling you about smuggling drugs due to the fact you have it, so is it really worth it? Basically you probably would have no issues but if you do they will be time consuming, and is it really worth it? Time is money so just spend some money, and get a new vape where every you are going, or dont vape for a few days and roll that shit up.
  6. I don't have a Pax, but have brought my MFLB with me on many flights. It hasn't been a problem yet, but I may just be lucky. I have only seen a dog at an airport once and it walked right by me with my MFLB in my backpack. I was flying from an MMJ state and had my rec on me just in case and no herb.
  7. several people at fc have posted about them bringing the pax onto a plane with no problems. Just clean it all out, i mean thorough as shit. Every single part(oven, mouthpiece, vapor path, take the spring out, etc.) Then just put it in a case with some pipe tobacco and you should be fine.

    n.b: be extra thorough with the screen. it tends to hold resin and you are going to have to scrap the hell outta it.
  8. Im completly dumb founded by ur post. At the beginning you say swim ( witch u think protects you but it doesnt) then go on to say i. Defeating the already defeated purpose of using swim.
  9. is it really that big of a deal?

    and OP just make sure there is no plant matter or resin I the device and it's not illegal. it's for tobacco use, obviously
  10. it can be used for tobacco and other herbs, but who knows...TSA likes to violate people
  11. You should be fine! It's used for tobacco, so are water bongs etc. as long as there is no resin or weed able to be found in on or around it, it is completely fine.
  12. I'm not getting on an airliner.

    Fuck the TSA.
  13. This was OP's last post, 2 months ago, so it's safe to say that he shouldn't have done it.
  14. What if a minor has it what would happend if they got caught because my brother is bringing mine with him? And it's perfectly clean?
  15. My boyfriend went through international airport security and customs with a bowl that had hella resin. Nothing happened, so I'd say you're safe. Also, it's not the TSA's job to control drug usage, just to make sure things aren't being smuggled and that everyone's safe. They probably won't care even if they do think it's for weed and it has resin in it.
  16. Worst advice ever. Just because your boyfriend would risk going through international checkpoints with resin laden bowl and got away with it doesn't mean it's a smart move. Sorry but that's not stupid it is moronic. Smoking devices can be cheap enough to discard before traveling. Anyone that travels with smoking equipment is an idiot.

    Plenty of morons saying "I got away with it" doesn't make it a smart move even if it encourages you to find so many other idiots. Plenty of people drive reckless and speed excessively and get away with it every day. People commit tons of crimes and get away with it doesn't make them a genius it makes them lucky.
  17. About 2 years ago this guy flew from CA to FL with his medical marijuana. In a Baggie, on his carry on... He was on our shuttle van from the airport to car storage. We looked at each other in amazement and shock. He had his cape and he loaded it in front of the driver, heck he was in the passenger seat loading up his dab. Still doesn't mean I'd do that. Nope.

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