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Discussion in 'General' started by Amanda Spelling, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. So I'm a senior and I really don't go to school high very often at all. One of the main reasons is getting it through school to lunch or whatever (I wake up late and don't have time to before school). But I was curious what you guys' opinions are about bringing bud to school.

    Here's a bit of background. Two years ago my school started to randomly bring in drug dogs to sniff lockers and cars. I don't drive to school and I would never keep it in my locker, so I don't get worried about this really. Anyway, my friend always offers to keep it in her car when we smoke at lunch, but I think the random possibility of it getting searched is enough to avoid this. So I offer to keep it on me.

    I've been searched by the principals before (they had suspicions that I was doing Heroin - never have and never will touch that shit) so I know not to keep it in my bag or backpack or pockets, which is all they searched. So when I bring it to school I keep it in my bra. I guess I'm wondering how safe this is. I don't think they can search my person, just my stuff, right? If I was stoned in class and the teacher had suspicions and they sent me to the principal, I think I'd be safe. I couldn't get arrested unless they had proof I was high, and the school can't pat me down. Even if they did would they check my bra? I guess I'm asking if I'd be pretty much safe. Again I really don't smoke at lunch or bring it to school often, but I don't want to completely fuck myself over when I do.

    Thanks for any help or advice :wave:
  2. just bring enough to smoke . They won't search you if they don't have reason . And it doesn't even matter cause they can't check your bra .

    And depending on your bud , i think it might be pretty easy for people to smell it .

  3. pics?
  4. Not worth it.

    Just wake up earlier and blaze before class.
  5. Yeah were gonna need pics of you in the bra to see if the cups are big enough to hide it.

  6. This. You're taking an awful unnecessary risk. A blunt before and blunt when you get home is the way to go.
  7. I would be concerned if people could smell it. Other than that, I think you're good if it's in your bra. I've done it plenty of times.There should be no way they could search there.
  8. Don't....smoke it before you get there.
  9. Can't you just park her car in a parking lot or a street around the school?

    Did this all the time in high school whether I was smokin or not
  10. Well they can bring in a female officer and she can give you VERY thorough pat down that will Include the bra. But if your high school was like mine they only brought them in every so often like once every 3 months or when there was alot of busts.(i didnt go to a intercity school where they have metal detectors) Only real place you can get away with it it puttin gthat bag up your snatch, ive made my ex do this on a couple different occasions. But i dont how the comfortability is walkign around with a bag of whatever up there...
  11. why dont you just make firecrackers...problem solved. you'll be high the entire day and you wont smell.
  12. Not worth the risk.
  13. Eh, I mean I keep my bud in my backpack every day, which isnt really sketch as long as I dont give them any reason to search me! As long as I have Visine, spray, and dont act like im obviously stoned in class, id say im good. I guess it's kinda different for you cos your school has suspected you of shit before, unlike me. And I've heard that my school uses drug dogs too, though I've never seen them!
  14. not worth the risk.

    if you must, only bring enough to a) fit in your pocket, b) swallow if need be, and c) no paraphernalia.

    also, a small travel-sized shampoo (or shot-sized alcohol) bottle makes a pretty good pourable container for broken-up pipe ready (or apple ready) weed.

    but,'s not worth it. you could do some pretty serious damage by taking unnecessary risks such as this.

    NEVER EVER leave it in your car or locker at school. if the dogs show up there's nothing you can do!
  15. Add the weed baggie in another baggie with crushed black pepper...

    Even chuck norris's dogs can't smell that.
  16. You must mean Mitzie?

    Nah, she couldn't find a bag of weed even if she was wandering through a growroom.

  17. The wisest choice is to smoke before or after so that you don't have any liability of being caught. The few times I smoked in school my high was nearly ruined because I was so scared of what I had on me, and one time I started panicking and had to go to the bathroom to flush a gram I had on me to make me feel safe the rest of the day. Looking back on it I would have been fine, but I am glad I was a cautious kid in hs and I never was caught.

    I would say there are some pretty important rules for bringing cannabis into any situation like at school-
    1.Only bring as much herb as you plan to use, and use disposable paraphernalia. Bowls smell allot! I knew kids who would just keep them in thier pockets in class after use and I always tried to warn thier stupid asses but they never listened.
    2. Do not come to school high while in possession. It's best to be high when all the bud/paraphernalia is gone. They can't prove you are high if you have nothing on you.
    3.Shut your fucking mouth. High schoolers tell everyone everything.
    4. Try not to stick out as a stoner, you invite administrative attention.
    5. BE SmellPROOF! double bag, perfume, dryer sheets or whatever you have, but make sure you dont smell. I always asked a few friends to be sure I didnt smell.
    6. Looks like you got this one down- Hide under the clothing in a way it wont be easily felt in a pat down. It is highly unlikely they will strip search you at a school unless they absolutely know you are in possession. I used to safety pin my shit in my boxers until it was used and disposed of. It is better to be on your person were they cant easily search and you could easily ditch it, not in cars or lockers that are frequently dog searched.

  18. That's not his dog.

    Mitzie is Chuck Noriss's pokemon.
  19. I honestly must've had like six or seven off campus stash spots.

    Bushes work Suprisingly well. Like chest height in a bush and no ones gun a find it.

    Trash works well. Like old stick your tank in an old wrapper you have and shove it in a corner.

    Only time I ever took weed on school. I had two ounces lol

    Me n my friend didn't want to stash em (we were Newbys when this went down btw) so we drew blades of grass and I lost.

    Didn't get caught but did smell all day.
  20. blaze OFF CAMPUS.

    problem solved.

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