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Bringing Weed To A Party.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Joshmcmillan, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. I'm not trying to bring a pill bottle or anything, and I also don't want it to be reaking everywhere I go.

    I'm planning on bringing about a gram to a party, just a small amount. Any suggestions on how I should bring it? I would try just a regular ziplock bag but that would smell pretty bad.
  2. If your not trying to have it smell a pill bottle is your best bet though. However, you can try and double bag the bud.
  3. A while back if I would need to carry just a small amount without smelling, I would use a zipless baggie inside an M&M mini's tube. But I mean you could try any small metal, glass, or plastic airtight little container. Just look around your house.
    :smoke:  :cool:
  4. go to the cosmetics and travel size aisle in a drug store and you can find little plastic jars for putting lotion in. i got 3 for like $2, one is for leaf, one is  kief, and one for dabs.
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    I think its a stupid way to smoke all your weed up. But im happy if other people do it

    I would use a jar. Like a jam jar. Every party that's has had that where I'm from does that

    But if its a gram... I wouldn't worry about what its in.. Maybe a plastic case. Like a round one. I have so many from lotions ect
  6. smelly proof bags? or just double or triple ordinary bags. or if you can find a small enough plastic or glass airtight container go with that
  7. Roll a joint and put the joint in a cigar tube
  8. If you have a gram dub Baggie I would just put it in there or take a ziploc Baggie and cut the corner of it off and put the bud in and melt it closed
  9. Just roll it up before you go. I would roll a blunt, and just bring it.
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    Don't be concerned about the scent. Just say you got sprayed by a skunk when you walked in. #ThugLife
    i would never use those.. if your talking about the scented baggie.. the scent of the baggie is like a dryer sheet.. that smell then absorbs into your bud.. making it taste like your smoking dryer sheets. its horrible a friend of mine has another friend that recently grabbed up a bag of commercial grade and it was packaged in those baggies.. i laughed at him so hard.. especially after he proceeded to smoke it haha he's so dumb.. he will do just about anything to smoke some bud.. 
  12. these ones aren't scented though, they're just plastic with a double zip lock and a bit thicker than the standard ones
  13. It's a party, why are you worried about the smell?
  14. Bring it all, Stank it up mane!
  15. what kind of party is this? 
    stupid drunk college kids party, or Grandma just got a new walker with tennis balls party? maybe something in between?
    either way, between some drunk dudes or Grandma who just crapped her diaper, I doubt anyone is going to be smelling that g.
    Right on man
  17. Keep it in a bag in your pocket! Its a party who cares if you smell like kush!
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    It's a party, why worry about the smell of weed? I'm sure there will be spilt drinks all over the place, alcohol breath everywhere, other guys holding bags. 
    Just roll up a couple joints, or keep it in bag, no need to hide the shit. 
    A word of advice though, if you are a true stoner, try putting a small chunk in a seperate place for the morning. I've been to parties where I end up getting WAYY too fucked up, and smoke all my weed. Than I wake up in the morning and realize I have nothing left to spark up and ease a hangover or settle my stomach. 
    Better safe than sorry.
  19. Just be ready for mooching
    You only have a gram though, why are you worried about smell? It's likely no one will catch a whiff with that small amount.

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