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Bringing Weed on Airplanes?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CCCP916, Jun 18, 2011.

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  1. I fly to Cabo San Lucas every year for vacation. Last year I went to dispensary bought bunch of pre-rolls and a pack of Marlboros. Used a razor to carefully open the cellophane wrap, replaced cigs with the pre-rolls then put in suitcase (not carry-on). In Mexico walked right past K-9's hailed cab enjoyed my week in paradise. I presume hash even easier to bring. I must add that I'm retarded, so please ignore me.

    p.s. The buy when you get there method didn't work for me because mexican weed is dogshit.
  2. Y take the risk?
  3. This is from '02. Who the fuck brought this back.
  4. I just felt like this disclaimer should be in bold... :p

    ...especially since you're responding to a thread that's probably older than some people on this forum.

  5. I did, going again this year and lurking around to see if better methods are available.

    Y take the risk? Because I'm young and stupid+ life's too short. Did I mention I'm a muthafuckin gangster?
  6. Just shut up.

  7. lol I'm pretty sure those machines that sniff your private parts will find the weed.

  8. make me
  9. Dont do it man, Seriously. They dont take kind to that shit
    And you WILL get caught. They look for stuff like that, and they will find it. Even if its just .5. They will find it.
  10. When i went to mexico last year my dad brought about a gram with him he had in a side pocket in his shorts wrapped up in plastic wrap, and had some gum wrappers in there so if he had to empty his pocket it was just gum wrappers, but he just walked through security. I personally would not do it but it really shouldnt be that hard if you tape a sack to your leg and just act nonchalant.
  11. Sit next to the Arab guy, and nobody will even look at you, let alone suspect you of anything :D
  12. #12 chronickatcher, Jun 18, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    Way to bump a nine year old thread. High five
  13. Fuuuuck no.
  14. Seriously dude i agree with everyone else on here.

    shut the fuck up. Or the mods will do it for you. Don't bump 9 year old threads moron. ( i can't stand it when people do that )
  15. Id check it in your bags, now they have the full body scanners and those things will pick up a bag of weed as a dark spot on your body. this will result in a search, and you going to jail.

    checked baggage will more than likely be stolen or let through. (bag checkers are less likely to report you)
  16. I can see the past with this thread, sicccckkkkkk
  17. I still dont see why people get all pissed when people bring back a thread does it really matter?

  18. For real, when I noticed the date, it made me think back...that was when they were real tough on securty, but you didn't always have to remove your shoes.
  19. i brought a joint & a half smoked blunt inside a pack of cigarettes on a plane once... on accident on my way to rehab when i thought i already smoked it all... was a great find inside of rehab tho :hello: :smoke: :hello:
  20. Everyone is making a big deal about bumping the thread. Why does it matter? If it's nine years old you probably haven't seen it. So it's all new to you anyway. You wouldn't have even noticed if there wasn't a date.

    Every just sit back and chill, Dude.
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