Bringing Weed on Airplanes?

Discussion in 'General' started by Tokemon, Jan 3, 2002.

  1. In Feburary I am taking a trip to Vail, Colorado... I wanted to bring my weed with me so I have something to do in the late evening without getting to bored with my parents. I was just wondering if anyone knows any good tricks for getting the weed passed security. Also, I am comming from NY, USA so the security is a little hyped up there because of 9-11. SO... IF u know ANY good way of getting weed on and off an airplane without getting caught please tell me. Thanx
  2. Since it is a domestic flight you don't have too much to worry about. You aren't going through customs and even though security is hightend it's still not too bad.

    Just wrap up the weed compact and put it in a pocket, be sure not to have anything that will set off the metal detectors so as not to prompt a more intensive search and you will be fine. The reason I say place it in a pocket as opposed to in your crotch on the off chance anything happens you can simply discard the weed into a nearby trashcan...

    I've recently had a friend who has transported several things via domestic flight without any problems whatsoever, and this is after 9/11. Also, another secondary option is just to keep it in your luggage, luggage is rarely searched and your only real chance of detection is on the off chance they are examing baggage with a drug sniffing dog or your bag bursts open and pot spills out :)

    But rest easy, transporting small amounts of personal weed on a domestic flight is actually much much safer than most people think.
  3. I'm not so sure about the pocket thing, at the Oakland and SF airports they've been searching random people and asking them to empty their pockets, point-blank and for no reason. I don't know if you can throw a bag of weed away right in front of a security person without being noticed, but you never know !! I saw a woman who looked like my MOM get searched, and she's the straightest arrow i know(and looks the part hehe)!

    My bf transported things back to his father's friend for medicinal purposes, and after 911, near his crotch... If you're worried about smell I'd say use a fabric sheet, he did and it didn't smell much @ all, and the weed didn't end up smelling like bounce or anything.
    Good luck! Like Brainrape says it's not as hard as you think. Just don't put it in your shoe~
  4. just put it in your luggage and wrap it up in something smelly.
  5. Put it in a bag of coffee grounds...
  6. Yeah at a lot of airports they're just randomly patting people down... If I was you I'd just hide it in your luggage.

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