bringing up smoking in a relationship

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  1. i have been with the same girl for 5 years off and on, and we recently have gotten back together for what seems like for "the long haul." I started smoking on one of our breaks and i havent had the balls to bring it up for fear of how she would react. I know she has tried it at least once before but she did not tell me what she thought about it, and she doesnt smoke so it obviously didnt "do it" for her. I care a lot about her and hate keeping it from her, so i was hoping maybe if any of you have had to bring it up to someone, how did you start the conversation or something of that nature? i have been reading a lot of things on here recently and noticed there is always good feedback so im hoping this will help me. Thanks a lot
  2. I started smoking regularly after being with my girlfriend for 6 months (2 years now) and finally got around to having the conversation with her. Now, most of her friends are boring conservative bitches so she had never tried weed, and didn't like me doing it. I can't remember exactly what I said but i basically explained to her how it is completely harmless and I just do it to chill out. The next day she agreed to watch The Union, then she shared a joint with me and we've smoked together ever since.

    If she is pissed about it, try figure out the real reason and talk to her about it.

    Now that I read my post I wasn't really that much help sorry haha

    good luck

  3. Use those balls, my friend.

    Worst case scenario, she hates smoking and you go back to smoking behind her back; like you're doing now.
  4. I'm a girl and I've been in a relationship for almost 2 and a half years. My boyfriend was up front with me when we met that he enjoyed smoking a lot and it was not really my place to tell him to do otherwise. Pretty early on in our relationship I started smoking too, but not because he ever pressured me to, I actually just approached him about how I wanted to see why he loves it so much and that I wanted to try.
    I think you just have to be completely honest with her and tell her that it's something that you're going to do with or without her approval, and you just wanted to completely honest so she knows. See how it goes, she might accept it. Maybe she'll even wanna try with you, it can be a real bonding experience, I know it is for my boyfriend and I.. (and high sex is great hehe) Honesty is key though, because if you always feel like its something you have to hide, then you're going to get paranoid and start resenting having to hide it from her.
    Also, if you're with someone you love, they shouldn't judge you for the choices you make, so remind yourself of that while you're deciding what to do. Good luck! It'll all turn out for the best, it always does :) :p
  5. thanks for the input everyone. I know i need to be honest with her about it because i am about everything else. Im not really sure why this is throwing me for a loop, but yall are right ill just go for it and hopefully it will all work out

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