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Bringing/smoking Weed At A Music Festival?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by sgtbagel, May 21, 2013.

  1. Sup Blades,

    I'm going to the Boston Calling music festival this weekend and I was thinking of bringing my pen vape and a couple of jays, and how I would sneak them in. I am also wondering how tolerable smoking weed is at this festival. Any advice is appreciated!

    Toke on
  2. tape all your stuff up near your junk, small plastic baggy and some duct tape work well whenever i sneek bud into redrocks i always tape it  right next to my testies (thats why you use a baggy) and if its a music festival im sure there will be weed and a bunch of other unmentionables going around so no one should say anything.
  3. thanks for the advice! i just wanted to be sure i wouldnt get kicked out or anything for smoking at a festival.
  4. I'd probably stick them in a pack of cigs or gum, they'll only give you a quick pat down if anything. Good rule of thumb is to wait until you smell weed to light up a J, vape pen you can use whenever/wherever :)
    Cops are mainly there at those things to break up fights/if there's an emergency, but still keep an eye out! Have fun :smoking:
  5. Just cup the joint when you smoke, the cherry is what security looks for, so cover that shit up.
  6. Shove 'em up your ass. No one will check there.
  7. thanks for the tip!
  8. If you're rally worried tape em by your junk but a cig pack should be fine. Most festivals are pretty lenient with Marijuana.
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    Do what everyone else said by taping it to your junk or keeping it near your privates lol or even in your hair. I've never been to that festival but I've been to others here in Miami, and I also have smoked in clubs too. 
    What you can do to ensure you probably won't get caught smoking in the festival is buying a cigarette-looking pipe. They have them at gas stations, head shops, everywhere. They're super cheap. Like $.99 - $3.00. Just pack your weed in there, light it like you would a cig, and no one would suspect anything. Sure they'd smell the weed, but since it looks like you're holding a cig they won't suspect you.  :smoke:
  10. Festivals are usually pot friendly

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