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Bringing shatter/wax through the airport?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by AbstraktAlias, Nov 20, 2014.

  1. Thinking about bringing about a gram of shatter through the airport. Is putting it in my carry-on in like some socks or something good enough? Or would a suitcase be better? 

  2. Yes you should be good. Unless you are flying out of Topeka airport. They strip search you and have drug sniffing dogs that stick thier snout up your bunghole. Then they make up a false charge and kill you. Right there in the airport. Your family has to mop up the blood or they will be fined.
  3. All around bad idea

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  4. I would just keep it in my front pocket ... awhile back I was scared of flying so I brought some xanax on the plane took before takeoff.... I just had them loosely in my pocket because I be damned if I let anyone pyt their hand in my front pocket .. still not the best idea
  5. In today's world it is never ok to try and bring some weed or other drug that is against the law on a plane...
    Seriously is getting high worth the hassle if not trouble you would end up with if they catch you. Mail it to yourself in advance of going if you just can't live without it but don't be a news headline cause you want to get high.
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    lmao I've done it to bring stuff for a friends birthday trip( weren't gunna be staying long enough to just ship it) with about a g of shatter wrapped in a gum wrapper and thrown randomly in the bottom of a pocket of my carryon backpack, it simply looked like chewed gum. My Gpen I dissembled and put each part in a different pocket of my backpack aswell just to be safe. Still I wouldn't recommend doing it, but it was cool hitting dabs on the plane  :smoking:  ;) ....cudda just gotten lucky
  7. If you get caught, expect a federal drug possession charge.

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  8. I have gotten all sorts of things through LAX. But now they have those damn body scanners. It used to be so easy. Just keep it in your pockets with no metal. As long as you didn't beep there was no pat down. Now I find the best way to just get some prefilled oil tanks like O-pen, dank-tank, and so on and just bring it through like its an e-cig. I opened my case and showed the TSA person all my little oil tanks they didn't even bat an eyelash.
    I have only taken shatter on a plane 2 times. Both times checked it in with in my bags mixed in with my toilet trees.
    For the most part TSA is looking for bombs and weapons but if they stumble upon drugs expect a shit tone of trouble unless you get lucky like the one time I got caught with weed and the supervisor asked if it was medical(i kept it in a pill bottle) I said yes they gave it back and sent me on my way. Granted that was a month after 9/11 and they had bigger fish to fry.
  9. What is it in ?? If its in the little plastic dab cases but it in your shave kit and it should blend in i had my vape to

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