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Bringing Scale to a Deal?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lilish4, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. Is it a dick move to bring a scale to a deal when your only getting an 8th or less? Or is it okay to bring one no matter what? Is it even okay to bring one? You would think your dealer would get offended or something. What's your take?
  2. Its retarded. If you get caught it will just look so bad the cop will have to arrest you. Leave it at your house and if he shorts you then delete his number. Dealers either understand the concept or they dont
  3. If you're concerned about getting caught just ask him "by the way if you need a scale I can bring mine" or something like that. If he has one you don't need to bring it, but by saying that, it establishes that you can check it yourself and will make him less likely to rip you off.
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  4. im not worried about getting caught, even though I know its really stupid to drive around with weed AND a scale. but if i go to a deal and he hands me the weed, would it be considered rude to take out a pocket scale and weigh that shit right in his face? lol
  5. yeah i know i dont wanna bring one for that reason alone.. but lets leave the cops out of it. Hypothetically, if you couldnt get caught bringing it, would you weigh it out in front of him? or just wait until you get home?

  6. Just ask to see the weed weighed out on HIS scale first. If doesn't have 1, then get a new dealer.
  7. just leave it at home man, weigh ur stuff when u get home. u dont wanna look like u dont trust the dealer, but if he shorts you then yeah dont go threw him dont wanna get busted for distribution which a scale would fall under.
  8. lol okay thats actually pretty good advice.. ima just ask him to bring his and if he doesnt ill bring mine

    edit: fugg it.. im leaving it home and weighing it later.
  9. What's the problem?
  10. I wouldn't bother, your dealer will probably think your dick and besides you can tell just from looking at an 1/8th wether your getting your moneys worth or not, the only time id actually ask them to weigh the bud up in front of me is if i were picking up a quarter or more
  11. Heres what i always do, when i first buy from them i establish i have a scale via "Hey man can you drop a eigth, and do u need my scale?" they will usually reply "no i got mine" or something around that. You meet up, either he scales it infront of you or not, doesnt matter. If he does and its on dot , good job. If not, here wat you do, don't say anything to your dealer no matter what until you weigh it out. Take the bag home directly, dont smoke any of it. Then throw it on the scale at home where its safe and if its off text him and be like "Hey man, i just weighed it out and it was only x.xx" if hes a good dealer he will be like "o dam my bad ill throw you what you didnt get" and he knows that you know your stuff.
  12. was trying to see if its cool to take a scale to a deal.. but im not now haha
  13. Yeah don't do that man, my guy weighs it out in front of me anyways. He's not looking to cheat me, just like I'm not going to be short with my money. We have a mutual agreement to not fuck each other over. So don't bring your scale, lol.
  14. wish i knew this and had a scale for my first deal with him. I just got my scale today and im getting some from him later.. but for now on i will live by this haha
  15. I think whatever you do is fine really. But my dealer pushes weight and weighs it at home before he brings it to me. I can tell if it's a gram or an 8th.

    But your best bet is to just weigh it at home like everyone else said.
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    So its retarded to buy more than an ounce?

    Fuck the cops, smoke tobacco if they put fear in you. OP don't buy the dealer will think you are a dick comments, a dealer is selling for what its worth, if he has a problem fuck him. Don't go in the game as an underdog, its your money.

    If he shorts you call him and demand it, don't delete it, you don't throw away a receipt if Wal-mart fucks over the change, black market doesn't mean you cater to the seller.
  17. Don't bother with scales with a bag that small. You'll be able to tell him he shorted you or not, and if he did, just don't call him anymore.
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    Call him and get it back.

    This was done with what you guys would call a 'black gangster in the hood with guns' who is now in jail for who knows what. He added it next pick up but I could have gotten it that day. One time I was shorted and hee called back to tell me he misunderstood what I wanted and was there to add it in ASAP. If you act like a pussy expect to get fucked. Show your dealer you are about it and he won't fuck you.
  19. If they won't let you weigh it, don't buy it.

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