bringing plant inside from the outdoors..

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  1. right now i have a female plants that has been budding for the past month..and i live in maine, so its been getting cold. Would the plant still grow if i were to bring it inside?? And what light hours should i be using inside?

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    hey dude for indoors it would be a 12/12 light cycle, how big is she if shes massive her roots could be quite deep but i dont know much about digging up a MJ plant

    ps just thought the stress of being dug up etc could cause few problems, she could hermie with being dug up & put under different light but like i said im not to sure,

    good luck either way dude
  3. well the plant is in a 5 gallon bucket..and its about 3 foot tall..
  4. oh right cool didnt say, thats a bonus then, u just want to make sure u got plenty of lighting for her, lights will need to have the 2700k colour spectrum for flowering (oh & dont forget ventilation)
  5. is ventilation that important?? would a regular fan work?
  6. its really one of the most important points of indoor growing along with light, can u give more info on the space ur be using like the size etc plus what lights are u going with? chances are a fan wouldnt work as they just move the already hot air around whereas ventilation u have intake & outtake removeing that hot air but its hard to say not knowing the size of space ur using & lights
  7. FYI it's going to stink indoors.

    Light cycle; 12/12

    2700K CFLS if you're using CFLS
  8. im moving the plant into a bathroom that i dont use..its about 6ftx5ft..and i havnt bought any lights yet..

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