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Bringing phone to a deal

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by myballsitch, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. I've met a new dealer but this guy is sketchy as fuck. I was just wondering whether I should bring my phone or not.. I don't want him trying to rob me and have him running off with my phone (pretty expensive one too).
  2. If your to scared to bring your phone you probably shouldnt buy from him
  3. Lol, why are you buying from this guy?
  4. A lot of the dealers you meet are going to be sketchy as fuck.
  5. lol maybe you should be on the phone with someone while making the deal, if its that scary for you
  6. My usual guy is a lazy fuck that doesn't get off his ass so I don't have anyone else to go to except this shady dude.
  7. You'd probably be better off just not dealing with that person, if they could potentially jump you and take your stuff for trying to obtain a little bit of plant matter.

    Sounds to me like your intuition telling you not to go is conflicting with your brain's desire to activate your cannabanoid receptors. I always go with intuition, but to each his own.

    You can (potentially) learn the lesson either way (getting taken advantage of that is), one just costs less. It could work out positively regardless though, just as long as you're not risking anything that you're not prepared to lose.
  8. Most Dealers are sketchy just because you've never met them. They probably think you're sketchy too. I highly doubt they will rob you unless they're like gangsters, then maybe they will
  9. Turn and run. Its not worth all that.
  10. [quote name='"MaGiKz"']Most Dealers are sketchy just because you've never met them. They probably think you're sketchy too. I highly doubt they will rob you unless they're like gangsters, then maybe they will[/quote]

    ^^ this. Any good dealers are sketchy with new people, you can never be too careful in the life of a drug dealer. Like stated above they probably think you're sketchy too. Just act cool, have the money in hand (and only the amount you need to score) and try not to make buying process longer than it should be, the quicker you get in and out the better you and the dealer will feel. Good luck OP! :smoke:
  11. I'd be sketchy too selling to someone I barely know.
  12. Just do it somewhere somewhat public
  13. Get yourself straight bro.
  14. I thought everyone brings their phone everywhere now? Everyone I know who has a cell phone has it attached to their hip at all times. I'd bring it just in case, I mean, if the deal goes okay, what if you get into an accident or someone else robs you, or the dealers dog accidentally bits your throat open, but the dealer is too scared to call the cops for you because he's paranoid once the emergencies have his number they'll surveillance him forever. So just bring your phone and put it in your back pocket. If it's expensive it's gotta be slim right? If you're really really scared, put it in yo undies, son. Ain't no body gonna reach in yo undies.
  15. Bring a friend.
  16. Weed is not a drug, its a plant. Therefore people who sell it are not drug dealer but they are florist.
  17. always trust your gut.
  18. Or you can use the phone to call help
  19. Always bring a friend.
  20. >implying the two are mutually exclusive..

    You do realise that the majority of drugs are derived from plants, right? Heroin, cocaine, lsd- just to name a few.

    Not only is your post ignorant and plain ridiculous, it's also irrelevant to the thread topic.

    OP if you don't trust someone OR aren't prepared to handle things yourself if things go wrong, you probably shouldn't buy from them.

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