Bringing Ounce And A Half Of Cannabis Onto Plane

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  1. I have a friend in DC who is rarely used to cheap high quality medical bud and is letting me stay at his house so I was planning on giving him and ounce. Question is will that be OK with security. I am going from LA, to Denver, then to DC. I also want it in my cary on so the workers below don't snatch my herbs!  

  2. Doesn't sound worth it man
  3. Sounds like a recipe for disaster.
    Which is more inexpensive? Buying an ounce for him there or paying for bust?
  4. lol no.
    The airlines follow federal law.
  5. dude I fly constantly. security now, especially with the body imaging machines, is crazy. NOT worth it! I have watched the screens of TSA workers and see what they can, they can see everything. if a must, find another route of travel. 
  6. Or he can compact it and stick it up his ass.
  7. if you're gonna transport cannabis, then mail it.  vacuum...double vacuum seal it and mail it.  trust me its way safer.
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    Not sure why this is coming to mind..
  9. Found this.
  10. Not a good idea. The only safe place to hide it is in your ass or ingest it a quarter at a time. Even postal mail is safer. An ounce and a half is too much. But think about taking a bus. You can just put it in your shoe the whole ride there and take a plane back.
  11. Have fun being on the no fly list, and federal prison.

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  12. i wrapped it up in tape and taped that to my balls once.  they put me through the x-ray machine and i was sweating bullets.  luckily i survived but it wasn't worth it.  and that was like a quarter. i thought i was gonna get busted.
  13. The feds love to pound your ass with the rubber glove. 
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    Shove it up your ass, if you compress it and use enough lube you can make it into a tube and shove it up your ass..
    Shove it up your ass
    While browsing posts I came across your post while drinking a glass of milk and immediately shot milk out my nose all over my desk, keyboard and screen while choking and laughing my ass off.!!!!
  16. run through the security onto the plane. hijack the plane. and smoke
  17. ya. listen to the babe. ounce and a half is way to much!!
    I nearly killed my autoflower earlier so i needed this..  
  19. Eat all of it in the car before getting on the plane. Drink a couple bottles of laxative before hand and just take a plastic bag with you. Just be sure you get through security quickly.
  20. You could always turn it into the most powerful tincture known to man, the size of a eye drop bottle, and as powerful as a 1 1/2 ounces..

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