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  1. Hey so I know nothing about electricity, that being said I was running 2x 400w lights (1x mh & 1x hps) and if my wife turned on her hair dryer it would trip the breaker. My tent is in the garage but I feel like the back bedrooms are all on the same circuit. I've upgraded to 2x 600w lights and a 8 in vortex fan and huge carbon filter. I need to know how to make it so i can run these safely. Any help would be awesome!
  2. When you are trying to figure out how much you can run off of a circuit you are dealing with amps (amperage). The outlets in your house are being fed by either 15 amp or 20 amp breakers.

    Many devices will have a tag with an amp rating on them. If not you can use a part of Ohms Law to find out how many amps a device draws. All you need to do is to divide the wattage by the voltage (W/V=A).

    For example your 400w lights on a 120v circuit will draw 400/120 = 3.33a. Now, in truth the ballast adds some amperage to the circuit so you can round this up to 4a each light. Two lights would draw 8a.

    If your wife's blower dryer was rated at 1500w it would draw 12.5a - bam!

    Your 600w lights will draw even more amps.
  3. That's my carbon filter and just for a size comparison I put a beer next to it haha

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  4. So should I just try to run them off different breakers?
  5. If you have a 20a circuit you could run your lights and probably your fan but nothing else on the entire circuit. Typically each circuit will service several outlets and perhaps even rooms.

    The other way some people go is to run a 240v circuit from their dryer plug. Doubling the voltage will halve the amperage.

    There are DIY threads on here showing how to do this.
  6. Yeah I'll check that out. Thanks
  7. Typical hairdryers draw 1000-1500w. Run you a couple of isolated circuits or a 240v sub panel. BTW going 240v will not cut the amperage in half, it just shares it between two legs.
  8. Ok like I said I know nothing to do with electricity, I am researching so I can fully understand everyones input so bare with me. my dad is going to add two 20 amp circuits as soon as he is capable of doing so.
  9. Cool, until then hide the hairdryer!
  10. Haha I got the two 400w lights out and put in one of the 600w I had to turn it off while she used that but I'll hide it lol. My seedlings are doing great they are just now two weeks old since I put them in the rapid rooter cubes

  11. Not true. You need to understand how this works. Use Ohms law.

    Ohm's law - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    You can make many different calculations with Ohms law however the one that we use most is:

    Watts/voltage = amperage

    Using this calculation we see that:

    1000w/120 = 8.33

    1000w/240 = 4.16

    This holds true no matter how the 240v circuit is wired. It is not because it shares the load on two wires. Remember this is AC, alternating current, the legs are have their phases balanced so one leg is energized completing the circuit to ground one 1/60 of a second and then the other leg is energized to ground the next 1/60 of a second.

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