Bringing in Memorial Day With Benjamin Danklin

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by Tank Deezel, May 25, 2009.

  1. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Illadelph Beaker Bottom W/ Diffused downstem
    Illadelph 4 Arm Perc/Ash Catcher all diffused
    Chilled Ionized distilled water
    Distilled water ice cubes with eco safe food coloring, lol.
    A few bowls of fresh buds from a recent festival

    I'm a Temple student so I live in philly and had to go with the Illadelph setup. I named him Benjamin Danklin because I thought the name had some comical meaning...and I'm a historian so I get off on that type of stuff.

    Anyway, I hope you guys like it...I will say that it hits beautifully smooth, all of my friends get pissed off because they didn't want to take as big of a hit as they got...but they couldn't feel shit to regulate it.

    (Sorry about the crappy Iphone pics...I was high)
  2. ice cubes are sweeet lookin... oh and your piece is pretty nice too :p
  3. A proper name for a very nice piece, sir. As an amateur historian, I applaud the reference. Benjamin Franklin himself is definitely on my list of top people I'd have liked to enjoy herb with.
  4. i love your setup! haven you tried a single stem Illadelph ashcatcher before? can you compare with the 4-arm? looks savage!
  5. dang illys are so tighttt.. nice name too haha
  6. damn i love the illy bro
  7. Thanks everyone for your kind words, I really appreciate it because it shows that Grasscity is a community who, in majority, are good people.

    To answer some questions...

    I have not tried the single arm ash-catcher so I cannot compare...However, if I were buying new I would probably buy that one to save myself the brutal price tag of 290 bucks for the one like mine. The regular ones will run to anywhere from 115-130 new. The main thing I was worried about was drag when I purchased the 4-arm model...I thought that it would really take away from the ease and precision of my pull, however...I couldn't have been more wrong. I love this A/C because I can pull so gently and milk out all of the remaining bud in the bowl without having it pushed through the hole and waste product.

    Would I pay 290 dollars for it? Hell no...I got that A/C for a KILLER deal off craigslist for only 50 bucks.

    In addition, I'm glad most of you like the name, haha. I am a history geek im sorry. ;]
  8. dig the name
    great looking bong

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