bringing glass on a plain

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  1. hey GC,

    so i am a very seasoned toker and i am very familiar with the laws etc. I am currently in Boulder, CO for school and for thanksgiving break in about 2 months im going to be flying home for break. I live in PA so i will be flying from Denver international to Philly international. now Ive bough a few pieces since being here specifically a normal sized bowl and a large kind creations bubbler. the bubbler is liks 10-12 inches tall. and i brought a chillum from home so in all i have 3 pieces the chillum the bowl and the KC bub. i was planning on mailing my glass (cleaned obviously) home to a friend where i could pick it up once i get home. But im wondering about getting them back because mailing 3 pipes to my dorm could be a bit suspect. so what are the rules if any about bringing glass on a plane. i would think putting them in my checked bag wrapped up safely so they dont break would be the smartest move. obviously if they are clean its legal. but would it bring up any alarms. in other words if i put my pipes in my bag and checked my bag would i get stopped or would my experience getting my my plain be any different than if i werent carrying any controversial material.
  2. If theres no resin your good.
  3. There really is no one you could send it by mail too? that would seem the safer way to go about it, in case they do end up confiscating your hard worked for pieces.
  4. Just send it back to the dorm, I go to CU, you'll be fine. It's illegal for them to go through your mail.
  5. Just watch out for park rangers
  6. bro the small stuffs cool just clean it and airtight bag it but that bubbler you better leave behind or mail lol.
  7. I wouldn't bring it on your carry-on. To me, that seems like it would be the most-looked at and most suspected area someone would be carrying contraband, ie; handgrenades, knives, guns, and smuggled drugs etc... I think you'd be better off cleaning it real well (this is if you absolutley cannot mail it) and packing it very safely in your checked baggage...

    I don't have any experience flying with glass, tho, so this is just an opinion..
    However, again at stated by someone above me, no rezin=no problem, so if it is totally clean it really shouldn't be a problem to bring it on the plane period. Except a glass bong could easily be a home-made shank if shattered and wrapped with some tape or cloth for a handle. Hmm.
  8. alright sounds like im just going to send it back to the dorm..hey a bag of go to CU. have you ever messed around with mailing weed im trying to get into that too.
  9. Just make sure it is 100% clean so there is no resin what so ever, looking like new. You will be fine though, there are no laws against the glass just the drug used in them. I personally have never flown with glass but numerous friends of mine have and always had no trouble, most of the time the security people were making jokes about it :laughing: (Thick Indian accent) "Bringing hubblybubbly with you huh?".
  10. dont talk about that here
    whatch yourself on that one
  11. could a bowl not just as easily do the same? lmao id actually think the bowl shank would be more dangerous

  12. why do you say that?
  13. i guess i didnt realize you were refereing to the dorm mail people, thought you were talking about usps in general...
  14. yeah your fine if there clean. where in pa are you from? i live there too
  15. I had a brand new glass bong, never even used still in bubble wrap. It was confiscated by the airport, it was in my carry on luggage. I wont make this mistake again, if I were you Id be safe and mail it. Its a crop shoot and to risky to take.
  16. clean them so they're like new, wrap in bubble-wrap, put them in your luggage
  17. USPS cannot check mail without a warrant. Though they can check it if they "accidentally" drop it or suspect something is broken. But as long as it is clean you have nothing to worry about.
  18. they can open any package they feel is suspicious or life threatening

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