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  1. so i broke my slide to my bong the other day and i was thinking about cleaning my glass reallllllllly good and then taking it in to my local headshop to find a slide that fit, because im afraid if i go and just pick out a slide it might not fit. will they let me do that or is this not as big of a deal as i think it is?
  2. Meh you could just find the slide measurements and just the find the corresponding side. Granted sometimes the people working aren't too knowledgeable (this seems to be the case in my local shop). with that being said if you cleaned it real good and i mean real good, it wouldn't be a problem in my local shop
  3. As long as it's clean, how is it different from anything else in the shop?
  4. thats defiantly a no no. just do some research and figure it out by yourself. last thing you want is a headshop calling the cops on you cause you brought a piece into the store..they do not know how clean it is..and most likely will not listen to you long enough to hear how you cleaned it..they get enough heat from cops..please don't be that guy.
  5. Just take out the female downstem from the tube and bring that.
  6. I wouldn't bring it in, but if you feel that you have to, clean it really good and call ahead to ask if its ok. That way you aren't "that guy", and don't find yourself banned from your local shop.
  7. Shit, I once returned a bong I had used for almost a month, only because I was unhappy with it.

  8. Yeah, definitely call first and see if it's even okay.

    If you walk right in there and whip out some glass, they're probably going to kick you out the second they see it. Sure, it may be completely clean, but would you trust some random stranger on that if it was your business at stake? ;)
  9. Trace the downstem on a piece of paper and compare others to that
  10. Dude there are only two sizes to pick from it's not complicated.

  11. anyone working at a headshop isnt going to call the fucking cops on some stoner with a slide...
    someone working at a headshop is no anti pothead vigilante...
  12. just leave it in your car. go in and ask if its cool. they ll probably look at you funny for not just bringing it in but better safe then sorry. my headshop is run by this really chill girl so i know its not a problom there.

  13. i didn't say that they were.. Paraphernalia is still paraphernalia..say if a cop rolls in..smells a dirty slide..could be as clean as you wanted..hes going to take the whole store down with him along with you..why? because your in a headshop with dirty glass and they are going to assume you got it from the would be surprised on what people would do to avoid bad publicity and legal headaches. i only know cause im friends with headshop owners..people do some stupid shit for example..smoking in the parking lot behind the store..that doesn't look good at all..walking into the store talking about bong water..not good at all..BRINGING DIRTY PIECES INTO THE STORE

    if your going to come at me..come correct sir.

    for the OP..just make a mold of the slide and take that in.
  14. This really isn't an issue at all, as long as it's cleaned adequately with iso/salt it's perfectly fine to bring it in for size accuracy. These are tobacco products after all, peace.
  15. I still think that you should:

    That way you only have the downstem so it'll be easy/convenient to bring to a store without hassle, you won't be lugging a whole tube around, it makes things a whole lot simpler, and you can test out all of the slides in the shop and just toss the downstem back into your pocket or wherever you were holding it.

    No sketchyness involved.
  16. There's actually 5 standard sizes. 9mm, 12mm, 14.5, 18.8, and 29.2. He'd be better off just posting a pic and we will be able to tell him. Or he can trace it on paper and take it to the store. Or he could just remember what size it looks like as each size is easy to differentiate when you see/hold it.
  17. walk into the store with it milked
  18. Some stores will let you some wont. I asked a guy working at one of my local stores if I could bring my hookah bowl in to check sizes and he said he would have to call the cops if I did just to cover his ass. The funny thing is I have never smoked bud out of this bowl even. I would just measure it if it were me...
  19. They wont even let you walk in with it, regardless of how clean it is, if theres ANY trace of marijuana, they can get shut down whether they let you in or not.

    post a picture, most people on here will be able to give you a good idea of what size you need

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