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  1. hey GC. sorry for the random post but i come to GC for all advice/help because you guys are the most normal people on the internet :hello:
    anyway tonight im inviting a girl over around midnight (we 18). i met her last weekend and were talkin and have had plans to hang all week but last night it didnt work out in the end, and tonight theres nothing to do so im inviting her over along later tonight.

    I've never really done this with a girl I have never actually hung with (although I know shes pretty easy and down to hook up). Im just wondering how I can make the night run smoothly? like we will be downstairs together watchin tv on my couch, but wat should i do/any tips to get a hookup/just make it run smoothly?

  2. [​IMG]
  3. Whip out your dick.
  4. oh and definitely get some crackers too man, not the pussy ass no name, non-salted crackers, but instead, some premium plus salted crackers.

    shit, nothing is better then condoms and crackers.

  5. the old hole in popcorn bucket trick, you said you're just going to be sitting on your couch watching tv right? Perfect.
  6. ^ and some koolaid.
  7. Put in a VHS but make it cut into like a Brazzers scene right in the middle and simply claim you had no idea, and your golden.
  8. lol at all the replies.

    if she's down, you really don't have to do anything...look her in eyes a lot and then just kiss her. you'll be balls deep in no time. lulz
  9. Great advice already posted, especially Ganja.Godfather :D. Good Luck! Let us know how it goes
  10. i say you just ask her if she want dick, dont give her any time to answer just whip it out and smack her with it, ladies love a man with confidence :devious:
  11. This thread is full of win. ^-^
  12. lol can't believe no one thought of this one yet

    1. cut a hole in a box

    2. put your junk in that box

    3. make her open the box
  13. watch Rambo and touch yourself while you mumble softly at the television
  14. [​IMG]
  15. lmao!!
  16. hahahaha
  17. The bold+the replies= I lol'd.
  18. make her wear a pair of tna's


    your penis will tell ya what to do.
  19. great website, browsing now :hello:

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